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10 Contemporary Hallway Ideas for a Modern and Stylish Entrance

Modern hallway ideas – 10 tips for creating a contemporary hall

When you step into a house, the first thing you come across is the entryway. It sets the tone for the rest of the house and gives visitors a glimpse into your style. That’s why it’s important to pay attention to the design and decor of your hallway or entry hall. In this article, we will provide you with 10 simple and useful tips for creating a modern and contemporary hall that will leave a lasting impression.

The cornerstone of any modern hallway is a clean and open space. To achieve this, it’s important to keep your walls and floor in neutral tones. Neutrals not only create a lighter and more comfortable backdrop, but they also allow other pieces of furniture or decor to stand out. You can add some drama to your hallway by sticking with a monochromatic color scheme or adding a statement piece of furniture.

One popular trend in modern hallways is the use of Crittall-style doors and windows. These black-framed glass partitions add a touch of industrial style to your home and are a perfect choice for those who love a contemporary look. Another way to bring in some natural light and make your hallway feel more open is by using mirrors strategically placed on the walls.

If you have a narrow hall, you can create the illusion of more space by using large tiles on the floor. This will visually widen the area and make it appear more open. Another trick to make your hallway feel larger is by using a lighter color palette. Opt for lighter furniture and decor to create a sense of airiness and openness.

When it comes to furniture, choose pieces that are functional and stylish. A console table with hidden storage compartments can be a great addition to your hall, allowing you to keep it clutter-free while still providing a surface for displaying decorative items. Consider using a hallway bench or seat for comfortable seating, especially if your entryway is spacious enough.

To add some interest and texture to your hallway, consider using aged or weathered materials in your furniture and decor. This can create a sense of history and character, while still maintaining a contemporary look. Additionally, incorporating plants or greenery can bring a refreshing touch of nature indoors.

In conclusion, there are many ways to create a modern and contemporary hallway that makes a statement. By following these 10 tips, you can achieve an excellent work that will not only impress your guests, but also make you feel proud of your home. So why not get started today and transform your hall into a stylish and inviting space?

Modern hallway ideas

Modern hallway ideas

When it comes to designing a modern hallway, there are plenty of options to choose from. Whether you have a small space or a large entryway, here are some tips and ideas to help you achieve a contemporary look.

1. Keep it simple

1. Keep it simple

One of the most important aspects of a modern hallway is simplicity. Keep the design clean and minimalist, with sleek lines and uncluttered surfaces. Avoid too many decorative elements and stick to a simple color scheme.

2. Play with neutrals

Neutral colors are often the go-to choice for modern hallways. Whites, greys, and lighter shades of beige can create a clean and airy feel. You can also add some darker neutrals for contrast and depth.

3. Use furniture strategically

In a narrow hallway, you might not have much space for furniture. However, a slim console table or a small bench can be a useful addition. If you have a larger entryway, you can add some larger furniture pieces like storage cabinets or a comfortable seating area.

4. Incorporate modern trends

Stay up to date with modern design trends and incorporate them into your hallway. This could be anything from a trendy wallpaper to a unique lighting fixture or a statement piece of artwork.

5. Make the most of natural light

If you have windows in your hallway, make sure to maximize the natural light. Install sheer curtains or blinds that let in plenty of light while still providing privacy. You can also use mirrors to reflect the light and make the space feel larger.

6. Consider an open floor plan

If you have the option, consider opening up your hallway to other rooms in your house. This can create a more open and flowing space, especially if your hallway leads directly into a living or dining area.

7. Add some warmth

A modern hallway doesn’t have to feel cold and sterile. Add some warmth and texture with natural materials like wood or aged brass. You can also incorporate warm colors into your color scheme to create a cozy feel.

8. Play with tiles

Tiles can be an excellent choice for modern hallways. Consider using patterned tiles or geometric designs to add interest and character to your space. You can also use tiles to create a focal point, such as a tiled accent wall.

9. Bring in some statement lighting

Lighting can make a big impact in a modern hallway. Consider adding a statement chandelier or pendant light to create a focal point. You can also use recessed or track lighting to highlight artwork or architectural features.

10. Embrace the industrial look

If you love the industrial trend, consider incorporating elements like Crittall-style doors or exposed brick walls in your hallway. These can add a touch of urban chic and create a modern, edgy look.

By following these tips and incorporating your own personal style, you can create a modern hallway that not only looks great but also functions well in your home. With a little creativity and the right design choices, you’ll have a contemporary space that you’ll love coming back to.

1 Keep it light and bright

When it comes to creating a modern hallway, one of the key factors to consider is lighting. A light and bright hallway can instantly make your space feel larger, more welcoming, and contemporary. Here are a few tips to achieve a light and bright scheme:

  1. Choose a neutral color palette: Opt for light and neutral tones on the walls, floors, and ceilings. Lighter colors reflect natural light and create a sense of spaciousness in the hallway.
  2. Use mirrors: Mirrors can work wonders in making a hallway feel brighter and more open. Consider placing a mirror on one wall or hanging a large mirror opposite a window to bounce light throughout the space.
  3. Install adequate lighting: Ensure that your hallway has sufficient lighting fixtures to illuminate the area. Consider using spotlights or pendant lights to brighten up the space.
  4. Make use of natural light: If your hallway has windows, keep them clean and untreated to allow as much natural light as possible to enter the space. If privacy is a concern, consider using sheer curtains or blinds.

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Creating a light and bright hallway is the best way to make the space feel comfortable, welcoming, and contemporary. Whether you love a simple and clean backdrop or want to add some drama with bold colors and patterns, sticking to a light and bright scheme will help achieve the modern look you’ve been after.

2 Choose a modern mirror shape

When it comes to creating a modern hallway, the right mirror can make a big difference. Mirrors not only help to open up narrow spaces and make them feel larger, but they also serve as functional pieces for checking your reflection before heading out the door.

There have been many trends in mirror shapes over the years, from the classic oval and round mirrors to more contemporary designs with geometric shapes and unique frames. When choosing a modern mirror shape for your hallway, consider the overall style and theme of your home. Do you want to create a statement piece that stands out, or do you prefer something more subtle and elegant?

If you have a smaller hallway, a round or oval mirror can work well, as they don’t take up much space and can give the illusion of a larger area. For larger hallways or those with high ceilings, consider a rectangular or square mirror to create a focal point and add a touch of drama.

Another option to consider is the frame of the mirror. A mirror with a sleek, minimalist frame in a neutral color, such as white or black, can blend seamlessly into any modern hallway design. Alternatively, if you want to add some warmth and character to your space, choose a mirror with a wooden or aged metal frame.

When it comes to positioning the mirror in your hallway, there are a few things to keep in mind. If your hallway is narrow, placing a mirror on one of the walls can help to create the illusion of a wider space. If you have a larger hallway or entryway with a console table, consider placing the mirror above the table to create a stylish vignette.

Ultimately, the mirror you choose for your modern hallway will largely depend on your personal style and the overall design scheme of your home. Get inspiration from various mirrors and try different shapes and styles to see what works best for you. Remember, a mirror is not only a functional piece, but it can also act as a statement-making focal point in your hallway.

3 Pick a slick console table

3 Pick a slick console table

If you’re looking to add a touch of modern style to your hallway, a sleek console table can be the perfect choice. Console tables come in many different shapes and sizes, making it easy to find one that fits perfectly in your space. Whether you’re working with a narrow hallway or a wide entryway, there’s a console table out there that will work for you.

When choosing a console table, think about the overall style and aesthetic of your hallway. You might love the clean lines of a contemporary design, or you might prefer the warmth and character of a rustic piece. Whatever style you prefer, make sure the console table complements the rest of your hallway’s decor.

In terms of materials, console tables are available in a variety of options. From wood and metal to glass and marble, there’s a material that will suit your taste and the overall look of your hallway. Consider the durability and maintenance requirements of each material before making your choice.

Console tables are not only decorative, but they’re also functional. They provide a surface for displaying artwork, plants, or other decorative items, and they can also serve as a convenient spot for storing keys, wallets, and other essentials. If your hallway is lacking storage space, choose a console table with drawers or shelves to keep things tidy.

To create a cohesive look in your hallway, consider the color scheme of the space. If you have lighter walls and floors, a console table in a darker tone can create a dramatic statement. On the other hand, if you have darker walls or tiles, a lighter console table can help brighten up the space. Stick with neutral tones for a timeless look, or add a pop of color for a more contemporary feel.

One popular choice for a modern hallway is a console table with a glass or mirrored top. These tables can create the illusion of a larger space and reflect light, making the hallway feel more open and airy. If you’re worried about fingerprints or smudges, choose a table with a matte or frosted finish instead.

Before submitting to a specific design, take into account the size of your hallway. If you have a smaller space, opt for a console table that is sleek and slim to keep the area from feeling cramped. In larger hallways, you have more options and can choose a table that makes a bold statement.

In terms of placement, there are a few different options for where to put your console table. Traditionally, console tables are placed in the hallway against a wall, creating a focal point as soon as you enter the home. However, they can also be placed in other areas, such as a living room or dining room, depending on the layout of your home.

In conclusion, a slick console table can be an excellent addition to your modern hallway. It can provide both style and functionality, serving as a statement piece while also adding much-needed storage space. With the right choice of materials, colors, and placement, you can achieve the contemporary look you desire.

4 Make your neutrals modern with grey

If you want to create a modern and contemporary hallway, incorporating grey into your neutral color scheme is an excellent choice. Grey is a versatile color that can add depth and sophistication to your hallway.

One way to use grey in your hallway is to incorporate it into your walls. Painting your hallway walls in a darker shade of grey can create a dramatic backdrop for other elements in the space. You can also use grey tiles on the floor to create a sleek and modern look.

Another way to incorporate grey into your hallway is through furniture and accessories. Consider adding a grey console table or a simple grey bench in your hallway. These pieces can not only provide a practical function but also add a touch of warmth and style to the space.

If you’re stuck with a narrow hallway, using grey can help create the illusion of more space. Light grey walls can make the hallway appear wider and more open. You can also use a combination of grey and white to create a visually appealing contrast.

When choosing a shade of grey for your hallway, consider the overall color scheme of your home. Grey can work well with different tones, so you can easily integrate it into your existing design. Whether you prefer a light grey or a darker charcoal shade, grey can be the perfect cornerstone for a modern hallway.

No matter the size or shape of your hallway, incorporating grey into your neutral color scheme can help create a modern and contemporary look. With its versatility and timeless appeal, grey is a color that will remain on-trend for many years to come.

5 Channel your personality with artwork

Artwork is a great way to add personality to your modern hallway. Whether you choose a large statement piece or a collection of smaller artworks, it can instantly transform the space and reflect your individual style.

If you’re not sure where to start, consider the advice of interior designer Emma Duggan: “Think about the style and palette of your hallway and choose artwork that complements it. If you have a predominantly white and grey scheme, a bright and vibrant painting can create a stunning contrast.”

Many modern hallways have a minimalist and open design, so artwork can be a centerpiece that draws attention and adds visual interest. If you want to make a statement, pick a bold and eye-catching piece that stands out against the backdrop of a neutral floor and walls.

However, if you prefer a more subtle approach, you can choose artwork with muted tones or natural elements that blend seamlessly into your hallway’s color scheme. This can create a calming and cohesive atmosphere.

Artwork in hallways doesn’t have to be confined to the walls. Placing a sculpture or an interesting piece on a console table can also add personality and dimension to the space. Just make sure to consider the scale and proportions of the artwork in relation to the furniture and the overall size of your hallway.

Ultimately, the artwork you choose for your modern hallway should reflect your taste and personality. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different styles and themes to find the perfect pieces that enhance the overall ambience of your home.

6 Make a statement with contemporary chandelier lighting

If you want to add a touch of modern sophistication to your hallway, contemporary chandelier lighting is an excellent choice. By incorporating a stylish chandelier into your entryway, you will instantly make a statement and create a dramatic focal point.

There are many different chandelier styles to choose from, so pick one that aligns with the overall design aesthetic of your hallway. Whether you prefer a sleek and clean contemporary look or something more bold and eclectic, there is a chandelier out there to suit your taste.

When selecting a chandelier, consider the size and scale of your hallway. If your space is narrow, opt for a smaller chandelier with a light and airy design that won’t overwhelm the room. On the other hand, if you have a larger entryway with high ceilings, you can go for a more substantial piece that will make a grand statement.

Chandelier lighting not only adds visual interest to your hallway, but it also provides adequate illumination for this often overlooked area of the home. By choosing a chandelier with multiple lights or adjustable brightness options, you can ensure that your hallway is well lit and welcoming.

For a more contemporary and modern look, consider chandeliers with clean lines and simple shapes. These designs will complement a minimalist or Scandinavian-inspired hallway. If you’re feeling a little more adventurous, you might even consider a chandelier with unique or unusual materials such as metal, glass, or crystals.

When it comes to color, neutrals are always a safe and versatile choice. However, if you want to add a pop of color or make a bold statement, don’t be afraid to go for a chandelier in a vibrant hue that complements the overall color scheme of your hallway.

In terms of installation, chandeliers can be hung in various ways, depending on the height and layout of your hallway. Whether you choose to mount it directly to the ceiling or use a chain or suspension system to lower it, make sure the chandelier is securely installed and doesn’t interfere with the functionality of the space.

Finally, don’t be stuck thinking that chandeliers are only for grand and luxurious homes. With the wide range of chandelier designs available today, there is something for every size and style of hallway. So, whether you have a small and cozy entryway or a large and open modern space, you can find a chandelier that will perfectly complement your chosen decor.

In summary, if you want to make a statement and add a touch of drama to your hallway, contemporary chandelier lighting is an excellent choice. It not only provides excellent illumination but also adds a clean and contemporary touch to your space. With the right chandelier, you can transform your hallway from a simple necessity into a stylish and comfortable entryway.

  • Choose a chandelier that aligns with your hallway’s design aesthetic.
  • Consider the size and scale of your hallway when selecting a chandelier.
  • Opt for a smaller chandelier for narrow spaces and a larger chandelier for larger entryways.
  • Choose a chandelier with multiple lights or adjustable brightness options to ensure adequate illumination.
  • Consider clean lines and simple shapes for a contemporary look, or unique materials for a more eclectic style.
  • Don’t be afraid to add a pop of color with a vibrant chandelier.
  • Ensure proper installation and secure mounting of the chandelier.
  • Remember that chandeliers are available in various designs to suit every size and style of hallway.

7 Keep an entryway bench minimal

In modern hallway designs, entryway benches are an excellent choice for creating a functional and stylish space. They provide a comfortable seating area and can help keep the entryway organized. When choosing an entryway bench, it’s essential to keep it minimal to maintain a clean and open feel in the hallway.

A lighter-toned bench placed in the front entry can help create a warm and inviting ambiance. Opt for a white or light grey bench that blends seamlessly with the rest of the hallway’s color palette. This choice will not only make the space feel larger but also allow the other design elements to shine.

Consider choosing a bench with a simple and modern shape, such as a sleek rectangular or curved design. This minimalist approach will ensure that the bench doesn’t overpower the hallway’s overall aesthetic.

When it comes to materials, a bench made from natural wood or a combination of wood and metal can add a touch of warmth and contemporary flair to the space. However, sticking to a clean and simple design is key for achieving a modern look.

Keep the bench free from too many accessories or decorative items. By doing so, you’ll maintain the open and uncluttered feel of the hall. If you want to add some accents, consider placing a simple cushion or throw pillow on the bench for added comfort.

Another trend in modern hallways is the use of aged or aged-looking furniture pieces. If you’ve chosen an entryway bench that has an aged finish, make sure it complements the overall color palette of the space. Darker, aged finishes can create a beautiful contrast against a lighter backdrop.

Entryway benches are not only useful for sitting but can also serve as a functional storage solution. Look for benches with built-in shelves or drawers to help keep the entryway organized. These storage options will allow you to store items such as shoes, hats, and gloves, ensuring that everything has its place.

Overall, keeping an entryway bench minimal is a necessity for creating a modern and welcoming hallway. By selecting a simple bench design, sticking to a clean color palette, and limiting decorative items, you’ll achieve a contemporary and functional space that sets the tone for the rest of your home.

8 Stand the test of time with natural stone tiles

If you want to create a contemporary hallway that will stand the test of time, natural stone tiles are an excellent choice. Their timeless beauty and durability make them a popular backdrop for many hallways and entryways.

When it comes to choosing the right type of stone, there are many options to pick from. Darker stones, like slate or granite, can add a modern and sophisticated touch to your hallway. Lighter stones, such as limestone or travertine, can create a warm and inviting atmosphere. Ultimately, the choice of stone will largely depend on the overall design scheme of your home.

Natural stone tiles are not only versatile in terms of design, but they also serve as a necessity for high-traffic areas like hallways. They are resilient and can withstand the wear and tear of daily foot traffic. Additionally, stone tiles are easy to clean and maintain, making them a cornerstone of a well-done hallway.

One idea for incorporating natural stone tiles into your hallway is to create an entryway table with a stone top. This can help to create a statement piece that welcomes guests into your home. You can also use stone tiles to create a durable and functional hallway, allowing it to seamlessly flow into other areas of your home.

When it comes to choosing the right furniture for your hallway, opt for pieces that are modern and open. The use of glass or metal elements can create a modern and airy feel. Additionally, consider using a console table with drawers to provide storage space for items like keys, umbrellas, or gloves.

If your hallway is on the narrower side, lighter-colored stone tiles can help to create the illusion of a wider space. On the other hand, if you have a larger hallway, darker stones can add depth and visual interest.

Whatever your preference may be, natural stone tiles can help create a modern and comfortable hallway that stands the test of time. Consider incorporating them into your design scheme to achieve a timeless and elegant look.

9 Embrace mid-century modern design

9 Embrace mid-century modern design

One of the most popular modern hallway ideas is to embrace mid-century modern design. This style is characterized by clean lines, simple shapes, and warm tones. It’s a great choice if you want to create a contemporary hallway that has a timeless and elegant feel.

When it comes to furniture, mid-century modern pieces are an excellent choice. Look for aged wood or lighter tones and pick furniture with clean lines and minimal embellishments. Mid-century modern tables and entryway benches can be a useful addition to your hallway, providing enough space for storing keys, mail, and other items you’ll need in your daily life.

To create a mid-century modern backdrop for your hallway, consider using grey or white walls as a neutral base. You can also use natural wood or white tiles for the flooring. These neutral tones will help to keep the space feeling open and airy while providing a perfect backdrop for your chosen mid-century modern furniture.

If you’re stuck for ideas, look at some mid-century modern-inspired living rooms and gardens to see how they’ve incorporated this style into their design. There are many different trends and ideas to choose from, so you’ll be sure to find something that suits your taste.

Remember, the key to a successful mid-century modern hallway is to keep it simple and clean. This style is all about minimalism and functionality, so avoid cluttering the space with too many decorations or knick-knacks. Instead, let the furniture and color scheme speak for themselves.

To help you achieve a mid-century modern look, here is some advice from interior design experts:

  1. Choose furniture with clean lines and minimal embellishments.
  2. Opt for aged wood or lighter tones.
  3. Use grey or white walls as a neutral backdrop.
  4. Consider natural wood or white tiles for the flooring.
  5. Pick mid-century modern-inspired tables or entryway benches.
  6. Avoid cluttering the space with too many decorations.
  7. Let the furniture and color scheme speak for themselves.
  8. Look at mid-century modern-inspired living rooms and gardens for inspiration.
  9. Embrace the minimalism and functionality of mid-century modern design.

By embracing mid-century modern design in your hallway, you can create a contemporary space that is both stylish and functional. Whether you’ve been living in your home for many years or have just moved in, this style can help to transform your hallway into a modern and elegant entryway.

10 Open up with an industrial chic Crittal wall

One of the most dramatic and contemporary hallway ideas is to open up your space with an industrial chic Crittal wall. This iconic style, popularized in the 1920s, features slim steel frames and large glass panels, creating a striking visual statement. Not only does a Crittal wall add a clean and modern look to your hallway, but it also allows light to flow through, making your space feel bigger and brighter.

If you love the industrial chic look but don’t want to commit to a full Crittal wall, you can opt for Crittal-style doors or windows. These smaller features still bring the same open and airy feel to your hallway while adding a touch of drama.

When choosing the color palette for your hallway, it’s important to keep a few things in mind. Neutral tones, such as whites, greys, and beiges, are often chosen for contemporary hallways as they create a clean and warm backdrop for your furniture and accessories. However, if you’re feeling brave, you could also go for darker tones to add more depth and contrast to your space.

The furniture you choose for your hallway is key to creating a contemporary look. Opt for simple and sleek pieces that won’t overcrowd the space. A console table or a statement sideboard can be a great cornerstone for your hallway, providing both style and storage. If you have enough space, you could even add a comfortable chair or bench for a more inviting feel.

When it comes to accessories, less is often more. Choose a few carefully curated pieces that reflect your personal style and tie the space together. A mirror, artwork, or a stylish lamp can be perfect finishing touches. Don’t be afraid to incorporate trends into your hallway decor, but remember to keep it timeless and elegant.

If you’re stuck for ideas, it can be useful to look at other contemporary hallways for inspiration. Design magazines, interior design websites, and even Pinterest can be great sources of ideas and advice.

In summary, opening up your hallway with an industrial chic Crittal wall is a wonderful way to achieve a modern and contemporary look. Whether you choose to go all-in with a full Crittal wall or opt for smaller features like doors or windows, the clean lines and open feel will transform your space. Remember to consider your color palette, choose sleek furniture and accessories, and draw inspiration from other contemporary hallways. With these tips, you’ll have a modern and stylish hallway in no time.

What color is best for a modern hallway

When it comes to choosing the color for your modern hallway, there are several factors to keep in mind. The color you choose will set the tone for the entire space and can greatly impact the overall ambiance and style of your entryway. Whether your hallway is narrow or wide, the color you choose should provide a clean and contemporary backdrop for the rest of your home.

One of the best color options for a modern hallway is white. White is a versatile color that can work well with any other color scheme you have in your home. It can make a small hallway appear larger and more open, and it provides a clean and fresh look. White also allows you to easily change up your hallway decor whenever you want without worrying about color clashes.

If you want to add a little more drama and warmth to your hallway, you can opt for some darker tones. Grey is an excellent choice for a modern hallway because it is a neutral color that can easily match with different decor styles. A darker grey can create a sophisticated and sleek look, while a lighter grey can give a more relaxed and contemporary feel.

If you love the look of aged and worn materials, you can consider using wood as the predominant color in your hallway. A wooden console table or a simple wooden bench can add warmth and character to the space. The natural tones of wood can create a sense of the outdoors and bring a touch of nature into your home.

Another trend that has been popular in modern hallways is the use of Crittall-style windows and doors. These black metal frames can create a statement in your hallway and give it a more industrial and contemporary feel. They work well with both light and dark color schemes and can add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your entryway.

Whatever color scheme you choose for your modern hallway, make sure it complements the rest of your home. Think about the overall style and tone you want to achieve and choose colors that will help you achieve that. Get ideas and inspiration from design trends and contemporary homes, but ultimately, go with what you love and what makes you feel comfortable.

If you’re feeling stuck or unsure about which color to pick, it’s always a good idea to seek advice from a professional designer or decorator. They can help guide you in terms of color choices and provide you with practical tips on how to create a harmonious and stylish hallway.

In conclusion, the best color for a modern hallway largely depends on your personal preferences and the overall style of your home. Stick with neutrals like white and grey to create a clean and contemporary look, or experiment with darker tones for a more dramatic effect. Don’t be afraid to add your own touch and make a statement with your color choice. After all, your hallway is the first space people see when they enter your home, so make sure it reflects your style and personality.


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