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10 ideas to create a modern Boho atmosphere with beautiful nursery decor

Boho nursery decor – 10 inspiring ways to embrace a modern Boho look

Creating a Boho-inspired nursery is a great way to infuse your baby’s room with a sense of style and personality. Designing a Boho nursery involves combining eclectic styles, mixing and matching colors and patterns, and adding unique decorative items. Whether you like bright and bold colors or calming neutrals, there are many methods to embrace the modern Boho look.

One of the key aspects of Boho nursery decor is the use of a vibrant color palette. From rich Moroccan prints to soft pastels, choosing the right colors can create an inviting and relaxing space. Adding pops of bright colors to a white or neutral base can make the room truly unique and eye-catching.

Another popular method in creating a modern Boho nursery is to incorporate unconventional materials and textures. Using items like leather chairs or rugs made from natural fibers adds an elegant touch. Alternatively, adding decorative macrame plant hangers or a cozy canopy above the crib can bring a sense of whimsy and playfulness to the space.

When it comes to designing a Boho nursery, the sky is the limit. Whether you want to create a vibrant and colorful room or a calm and serene one, the key is to infuse it with your own personal style. From adding unique wallpaper to organizing the space with stylish storage solutions, there are endless ways to make your Boho nursery truly inspiring.

Lorla, an expert in unconventional nursery design, states, “Boho nursery decor is all about embracing different styles and creating a space that grows with your child. From the ceiling to the floor, every corner of the room can be decorated to reflect your own unique personality and taste.”

Boho nursery decor – 10 design ideas for a laid-back look

1. Mix and match materials

When it comes to boho nursery decor, mixing and matching materials is key. Whether it’s natural wicker, rattan, or macrame, incorporating these elements into your nursery design will create a laid-back and organic feel.

2. Personalize with bright colors

2. Personalize with bright colors

Choose bright and vibrant colors to decorate your boho nursery. This will add a fresh and playful touch to the space, reflecting your baby’s growing personality.

3. Embrace rich textures

3. Embrace rich textures

Boho style is all about texture. From chunky knits to fluffy rugs, incorporating different textures throughout the nursery will create a cozy and inviting atmosphere for your baby.

4. Wallpaper with the right pattern

Wallpaper can instantly elevate the look of your nursery. Choose patterns that reflect the boho style, such as floral or geometric designs, to create a truly inspirational space.

5. Create an enchanting canopy

5. Create an enchanting canopy

A canopy over the crib or seating area can add a touch of elegance and whimsy to your boho nursery. Choose a lightweight fabric in a neutral or pastel color to create a dreamy and inviting space for your baby.

6. Add some Moroccan flair

Incorporate Moroccan-inspired elements into your nursery, such as poufs, lanterns, and colorful rugs. These decorative items will add an eclectic and unconventional touch to the overall design.

7. Play with contrasting colors

Contrasting colors can create a vibrant and energetic atmosphere in your nursery. Try pairing bold shades with neutral tones for a visually striking and boho-inspired look.

8. Hang an uplifting mobile

A mobile is not only a decorative addition to your nursery but also a source of visual stimulation for your baby. Find a mobile with colorful and playful shapes to engage your baby’s senses.

9. Add a cozy seat for nursing

In addition to the crib, make sure to include a comfortable seat for you to nurse or rock your baby to sleep. A cozy armchair or glider upholstered in soft, durable fabric is a perfect choice.

10. Bring in botanical elements

Embrace the natural beauty of plants by adding botanical elements to your nursery. Whether it’s potted plants or botanical prints on the wall, these green accents will create a refreshing and calming ambiance.

1 Wow with wallpaper

One of the easiest and most impactful ways to transform a room is by using wallpaper. In a boho nursery, wallpaper can create a calm and inviting atmosphere that reflects the unconventional and eclectic nature of the boho style.

When it comes to choosing wallpaper for your boho nursery, there are endless possibilities. Whether you want to go bold with vibrant colors and patterns or opt for more subtle and neutral tones, there is a wallpaper design that will suit your personal style and create the perfect boho vibe.

One popular option is to choose wallpaper with boho-inspired prints. These prints often feature natural elements like flowers, feathers, and birds, creating a sense of warmth and connection to the natural world. They can also incorporate bold and vibrant colors that bring energy and life into the room.

In addition to boho prints, you could also opt for wallpapers with more traditional patterns, such as damask or floral designs. These classic patterns add a touch of elegance and history to the room, while still maintaining the overall boho feel.

For those who prefer a more minimalistic approach, there are also wallpapers with simple textures and neutrals. These wallpapers create a sense of calm and serenity, perfect for a nursery where you want your little one to feel safe and at ease.

When designing a boho nursery, it’s important to consider the materials used in the wallpaper. Opt for eco-friendly and non-toxic options that are safe for your baby’s health. You can also choose removable wallpapers, which are ideal for rental homes or if you want the flexibility to change the look of the room as your child grows.

Overall, wallpaper is an inspirational way to create a bright and uplifting boho nursery. Whether you choose bold, colorful prints or soft, neutral textures, there are endless methods to bring your personal style and personality into the nursery. So go ahead, wow your guests and create a stunning boho nursery with the perfect wallpaper!

2 Take inspiration from nature

One of the key elements of a modern Boho nursery is the use of natural materials and organic motifs. By incorporating elements from nature into your nursery design, you can create a truly inviting and inspiring space for your little one.

Whether you organize your nursery with neutral tones and textures or go for a bold and eclectic mix of patterns and styles, adding elements of nature will help you achieve the perfect modern Boho look.

An expert tip is to bring in elements like rattan furniture, woven baskets, and macrame wall hangings to add a touch of organic beauty to your nursery. These natural materials not only add warmth and texture but also help create a calm and relaxing atmosphere.

Consider using a moroccan rug, with its rich and inviting patterns, to anchor the space and add a touch of elegance. You can also choose to incorporate white curtains or blinds to allow natural light to flow into the nursery, ensuring a bright and uplifting ambiance.

For a unique touch, you can add some greenery to your nursery. Plants not only purify the air but also bring a feeling of freshness and life to the space. You can use hanging planters or a plant stand to showcase your favorite foliage.

Another way to bring nature indoors is by using wallpaper with botanical prints or nature-inspired patterns. This can create a beautiful backdrop for your nursery and can be easily changed as your baby grows.

To create a cozy and dreamy space, consider adding a canopy above the crib. This can provide a sense of privacy and comfort for your little one, creating a soothing environment for sleep.

Don’t forget to include nature-inspired artwork on the walls. Whether it’s a print of a forest scene or a painting of animals, these pieces can add a personal touch and bring a sense of joy to the nursery.

Incorporating elements from nature into your modern Boho nursery decor is a wonderful way to create a space that is both stylish and calming. By using the right materials, textures, and colors, you can transform your nursery into a peaceful retreat that reflects the beauty of the natural world.

3 Hang a ceiling canopy

A ceiling canopy is a wonderful way to add a touch of boho style to your nursery. By using a ceiling canopy, you can create a cozy and inviting space that feels defined and unique.

There are many ways to hang a ceiling canopy, depending on your personal style and the overall design of the room. An expert tip is to choose a canopy that complements the rest of your nursery decor, whether it be in terms of color, pattern, or texture.

If you want to create a calm and relaxing atmosphere, choosing a canopy in soft pastel colors or neutral tones can be ideal. On the other hand, if you’re looking for a bold and eclectic look, consider using a canopy with vibrant prints and textures.

There are many methods you can use to hang a ceiling canopy. One popular option is to hang it directly from the ceiling using a sturdy hook or loop. Another option is to use a canopy stand, which is a freestanding structure that holds the canopy in place.

No matter which method you choose, it’s important to ensure that the canopy is securely attached to the ceiling or stand, especially if you have little ones who might try to reach for it.

When designing your canopy, feel free to get creative and add decorative items like strings of lights, botanical prints, or dreamcatchers to enhance the boho vibe.

Adding a ceiling canopy is a great way to bring the world of boho into your nursery. Whether you prefer a more elegant and refined look or a bright and eclectic design, a canopy can help you achieve the boho style of your dreams.

4 Add a rug for soft comfort

One of the most essential and versatile items you can add to your boho nursery decor is a rug. A rug not only adds a layer of soft comfort to the floor, but it also brings in a touch of boho style and texture.

There are many different styles and patterns of rugs to choose from, allowing you to find the perfect one to suit your nursery. Whether you go for a bright and bold rug with unconventional patterns, or a neutral-colored rug with botanical prints, adding a rug to your nursery creates a cozy and inviting atmosphere.

The right rug can also help to define a specific area in the nursery, such as a play corner or a seating area for you to bond with your little one. You can place a rug under a chair and create a stylish seat for storytime or breastfeeding.

When designing a boho nursery, it’s important to consider the overall color palette and style. Look for rugs that incorporate boho colors like pink, earth tones, and calm blues. These colors will blend beautifully with the other boho decor in your nursery, creating a cohesive and harmonious look.

Opt for rugs with natural materials such as jute or wool, which add a touch of texture and warmth to your nursery. These materials also align with the boho philosophy of bringing nature into your home.

So, whether you choose a vibrant Moroccan-inspired rug or a muted leather rug, adding a rug to your boho nursery decor is a must. It will not only provide soft comfort for your little one to play, crawl, and walk on, but it will also enhance the overall boho vibe of your nursery.

5 Create texture and contrast

When it comes to designing a modern Boho nursery, texture and contrast play a key role in creating a visually appealing and relaxing space. By incorporating different textures and contrasting elements, you can bring depth and interest to your baby’s room.

One way to create texture is by using different materials throughout the nursery. For example, you could choose a wallpaper with a defined pattern or texture to create a focal point on one wall. Pair this with some neutral-colored rugs or a Moroccan-inspired crib to add even more texture to the room.

In terms of colors, Boho nurseries often feature a soft and calming palette. However, adding pops of bright and uplifting colors can create a playful and inviting space for your little one. Consider using decorative pillows, wall art, or even a brightly colored ceiling to add some personality and contrast to the overall design.

One popular method for incorporating texture and contrast is through the use of prints and patterns. Whether it’s a floral print crib sheet or a bold geometric rug, mixing different patterns can instantly liven up a space and give it a bohemian feel. Just make sure to choose prints and patterns that work well together and don’t overwhelm the room.

Another way to create texture is by using different textures in your nursery furniture and decor. For example, a rattan rocking chair or a macrame wall hanging can add a touch of elegance and natural texture to the space. Mixing in some metallic accents, like gold or copper, can also create a visually stunning contrast against the soft textures.

Lastly, don’t forget to consider the textures of the materials you choose for your baby’s bedding and accessories. Soft and cozy fabrics, like velvet or knits, can add a sense of comfort and warmth to the nursery. And choosing materials with different textures, such as a chunky knit blanket or a silky smooth crib sheet, can create a tactile experience for your little one.

By incorporating different textures and contrasting elements into your modern Boho nursery, you can create a space that is visually stunning and truly unique. Whether it’s through the use of prints and patterns, materials, or a combination of both, the right balance of texture and contrast will help create a calming and inviting atmosphere for you and your baby to enjoy.

6 Make a statement

If you want to add some bold and unconventional elements to your boho nursery, there are several ways to make a statement. One option is to use unique and eye-catching wallpaper designs to create a focal point in the room. Opt for botanical prints or vibrant patterns to bring a touch of nature and color into the space. Another idea is to hang a canopy or a decorative rug from the ceiling, creating a cozy and stylish corner for your little one.

In addition to wall decor, you can also make a statement with furniture and accessories. Consider adding a statement chair, like a leather or Moroccan-inspired piece, that adds personality to the room. This can be a stylish and functional addition to your nursery, providing a comfortable spot for feeding, reading, or relaxing with your baby.

When choosing decorative items to make a statement, go for bright and rich colors that contrast with the overall neutral palette of the boho style. Combine different textures and materials, such as natural fibers, wood, and metal, to create a visually interesting and eclectic look. Mixing and matching different styles and patterns can also bring a unique touch to your nursery.

Finally, don’t forget about the finishing touches. Adding some beautiful and bold accessories, like colorful cushions, art prints, or a decorative mobile, can elevate the overall design of the room. These small details can make a big impact and add a touch of personality and charm to your boho nursery.

7 Decorate with unique accessories

7 Decorate with unique accessories

When it comes to creating a modern Boho nursery, using unique accessories is key. With the right pieces, you can add a stylish and unconventional touch to your baby’s room that sets it apart from the traditional nursery decor.

One great way to decorate with unique accessories is by using Moroccan rugs. These bold and bright patterns and colors can stand out in any room and create an eclectic and rich feel. Whether you choose a small rug to place next to the crib or a larger one to cover the whole floor, Moroccan rugs are a great addition to any Boho nursery.

Another stylish accessory to consider is a leather chair or seat. Leather adds a touch of sophistication and creates a relaxing and inviting atmosphere. Whether you choose a vintage leather chair or a modern leather seat, this material adds warmth and texture to the room.

If you want to create a more whimsical and playful feel in the nursery, consider adding a hanging macrame chair or swing. This unique piece creates a cozy and personal space for your baby to relax and play. Hang it from the ceiling or place it in a corner to create a focal point in the room.

Botanical prints are another great way to add a unique touch to your Boho nursery. Whether you choose prints of flowers, leaves, or tropical plants, botanical prints add a natural and calming element to the room. Hang them on the walls or place them in decorative frames for an added touch of personal style.

When it comes to accessories in a Boho nursery, the possibilities are endless. From unique rugs and chairs to bold prints and textures, there are many ways to decorate your baby’s room in a modern Boho style. Choose the pieces that speak to your personal style and create a space that is both comforting and inspiring for your little one.

8 Be bold with color

When it comes to creating a modern Boho nursery, don’t shy away from bold and vibrant colors. Boho style has a long history of embracing different colors and using them to evoke certain feelings and moods. In fact, color is one of the key terms in the Boho design language.

A modern Boho nursery is all about creating an eclectic and inviting space, and using bold colors is one of the ways to achieve that. Whether you choose to paint the walls in a rich and vibrant shade, or you want to add pops of color through decorative items like colorful prints or bright textiles, incorporating bold colors can really elevate the overall look and feel of the room.

When choosing colors, don’t be afraid to mix and match different hues and shades. Boho design is all about expressing your personality and creating a space that reflects your style. So, if you want to have a bright pink crib or a bold blue chair, go for it! The key is to choose colors that make you feel happy and comfortable in the space.

Another way to incorporate bold colors is through wallpaper. There are many beautiful wallpapers available in the market that feature vibrant patterns and textures. Adding a wallpaper to one wall can instantly transform the room and create a focal point. Just make sure to choose a pattern and color that complements the other elements in the room.

One popular approach to using colors in a Boho nursery is to start with a neutral base and then add pops of bold and vibrant colors through accessories and textiles. This allows you to easily change the color scheme as your child grows or when you want to update the room.

For example, you could have a white crib and a neutral chair, but then add colorful pillows and blankets to create a playful and joyful atmosphere. You could also use colorful textiles to create a canopy above the crib, ensuring both privacy and a touch of whimsy.

Another way to incorporate bold colors is through furniture and decorative items. For example, a leather chair in a bold color can add a stylish and unexpected touch to the room. Moroccan-inspired prints and patterns also work well in a Boho nursery, adding a touch of exoticism and warmth.

In conclusion, being bold with color is an ideal way to create a modern Boho nursery. Whether you choose to go for a full-on colorful room or add pops of bold hues, colors can really elevate the space and create a calming and inspiring environment for your little one. So, don’t be afraid to experiment and have fun with colors in your Boho nursery!

9 Create a relaxing seat space

9 Create a relaxing seat space

When it comes to designing a boho nursery, creating a relaxing seat space is a must. This area provides a perfect spot for you and your baby to bond and relax together.

Start by choosing a comfortable chair or rocking chair with soft cushions and upholstery in soothing neutral colors. Adding a canopy or a hanging chair can elevate the space and create a cozy and intimate atmosphere.

Consider incorporating some boho elements into the seat space, such as a botanical wallpaper or plants that add a touch of nature to the area. Personalize the space with items that you like, such as pillows with bold prints or rugs with eclectic patterns. These pieces can add a pop of color and contrast to the overall neutral palette of the nursery.

When organizing the seat space, make sure to have the essentials within reach, such as a side table for books, a lamp for reading, and a small basket for storing baby essentials. You can also hang a macramé wall hanging or a tapestry on the wall to add texture and visual interest.

To create a calm and stylish ambiance, choose materials with a history, such as vintage fabrics or handmade items. Mixing different textures and materials, like wood, rattan, and soft fabrics, can create an inviting and eclectic atmosphere that is typical of boho style.

Whether you have a dedicated room for the nursery or a corner in your bedroom, make sure to prioritize comfort and create a space where you can spend quality time with your baby. The seat space should be defined and separated from other areas of the room, ensuring a cozy and intimate feel.

Inspired by the boho style, you can also add some inspirational quotes or images on the wall, or hang a dream catcher from the ceiling to bring positive and calming feelings to the space.

As your baby grows, the seat space can evolve to meet their changing needs. You can remove the canopy and replace it with shelves for books and toys, or add a small table and chairs for creative playtime.

Overall, creating a relaxing seat space in your boho nursery is about designing a space that is both functional and beautiful, where you and your baby can spend quality time together. With the right mix of colors, materials, and personal touches, you can create a truly elegant and inviting space for you and your little one to enjoy.

10 Use a calming color palette

When it comes to designing a modern Boho nursery, choosing the right color palette can play a significant role in creating an inviting and calming space. By using calming colors, you can create a peaceful environment that promotes relaxation and comfort for both you and your baby.

One popular color palette choice for a modern Boho nursery is a combination of neutral tones such as whites, beiges, and creams, along with muted pastel shades like blush pink, sky blue, and sage green. These soft and soothing colors can help create a serene atmosphere that is perfect for unwinding after a long day with your little one.

In addition to neutral tones and pastels, you can also add bold pops of color to your Boho nursery to create a more vibrant and energetic feel. Whether it’s through colorful wall art, patterned rugs, or decorative items, adding splashes of brighter hues can bring a sense of fun and playfulness to the space.

One way to incorporate color and texture into your nursery design is by using Moroccan-inspired elements. Moroccan patterns and materials often feature rich and vibrant colors like deep blues, burnt oranges, and earthy browns. By incorporating these colors and patterns into your nursery’s decor, you can create a visually stimulating space with a touch of eclectic elegance.

An unconventional but beautifully bold way to use color in your nursery is by incorporating a botanical wallpaper. This type of wallpaper creates a lush and vibrant feel, with rich greens and pops of colorful flowers. It can be a captivating addition to any Boho nursery, creating an immersive natural world for your little one to explore.

When it comes to choosing furniture and seating, opt for comfortable and cozy pieces that complement the overall color palette. A plush rocking chair or a floor cushion with a canopy can provide a relaxing seat for you to bond with your baby, while also adding a touch of elegance to the nursery.

There are many ways to embrace a modern Boho look in your nursery, and using a calming color palette is a great place to start. Whether you prefer neutral tones or want to add pops of color, the colors you choose can set the tone for the entire space, creating an uplifting and inspiring atmosphere for you and your baby.

What are the key elements of a Boho nursery

When it comes to creating a Boho nursery, there are several key elements that contribute to the overall bohemian aesthetic. From a mix of contrasting colors and patterns to incorporating eclectic and unconventional items, a Boho nursery is all about creating a cozy and inviting space for your little one.

Contrast and Patterns

One of the defining characteristics of a Boho nursery is the use of contrasting colors and patterns. Mixing different colors, such as bold shades of pink and white, can add depth and visual interest to the space. Additionally, incorporating various patterns, such as Moroccan prints or textured rugs, can further enhance the eclectic feel of the room.

Eclectic and Unconventional Items

A Boho nursery is all about embracing unconventional items and adding a personal touch. Whether it’s a vintage chair or a collection of unique decor pieces, incorporating elements with a history or personal meaning can elevate the overall design of the room.

Adding unconventional items can also help create a relaxing and calm environment for your baby. For example, a hanging chair or a cozy seat can provide a comfortable spot for you to bond with your little one.

Textures and Materials

Textures and materials play a crucial role in creating a Boho nursery. Incorporating different textures, such as woven baskets, plush rugs, and natural fabrics, can add depth and warmth to the space. Using materials like wood, rattan, and metal can further enhance the bohemian aesthetic and add a touch of elegance to the room.

Organize and Personalize

A Boho nursery is not just about the aesthetic; it’s also about creating a functional and organized space. Adding storage solutions, such as baskets or shelves, can help keep the room clutter-free and provide a sense of order.

Personalizing the space with meaningful decor items, such as framed photos or artwork, can add a personal touch and make the room feel like an extension of your own style and personality.

Crib and Bedding

The crib and bedding are essential elements in a Boho nursery. Opt for a crib with an elegant and timeless design that can grow with your child. Choose bedding in soft and natural fabrics, such as cotton or linen, in earthy tones or prints that complement the overall bohemian theme.

Finishing Touches

To complete the look of a Boho nursery, pay attention to the finishing touches. Ensure ample natural light flows into the room by using sheer curtains or blinds. Add privacy and create a cozy atmosphere by incorporating curtains or a canopy around the crib or seating area.

Finally, don’t forget to add some personal touches and unique decor items, such as plants, artworks, or vintage finds, to truly make the nursery feel like a stylish and inviting space that reflects your individual taste and the love you have for your little one.


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