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13 creative ideas for decorating with vases and creating stunning displays

Decorating with vases – 13 ways to create beautiful displays

When it comes to home decor, vases are a versatile and essential accessory. Not only do they add a touch of sophistication to any room, but they also provide the perfect vessels for showcasing your favorite flowers and creating stunning arrangements.

According to Gail Stuart, the founder of an international home decor company, “Vases come in many shapes, sizes, and textures, making them perfect for adding artful and sculptural elements to your space.” Whether you prefer tall glass vases or rustic glazed jugs, there are endless possibilities for creating brilliant displays.

One of the best ways to decorate with vases is to use them as a centerpiece on your dining table. “A well-arranged bouquet in a beautiful vase can really make a room shine,” says Stuart. Along with flowers, you can also try filling your vases with seasonal items such as branches, dried grasses, or pinecones to add a touch of nature.

If you’re looking for something simple yet stylish, consider creating a grouping of vases on a narrow shelf or windowsill. By arranging different sizes and shapes together, you can create an eye-catching display that adds visual interest to any surface.

Stuart suggests that when it comes to styling your vases, don’t be afraid to think outside the box. “You can always use vases to display more than just flowers. Try filling them with colorful beads, feathers, or even seashells to create a unique and personalized look,” she explains.

So whether you’re looking to create a stunning centerpiece or a decorative display, vases can be the perfect addition to your home decor. With their versatility and endless possibilities, they are sure to bring a touch of beauty to any space.

Decorating with vases – where to start

If you’re looking to add some beauty and style to your home, decorating with vases is a great place to start. Vases are versatile and can be used in a variety of ways to create stunning displays. Whether you prefer a rustic, aged look or a more modern and brilliant design, there are endless options to choose from.

Choosing the right vases

The first step in decorating with vases is finding the right ones to fit your style and space. There are many different shapes, sizes, and materials to choose from, so keep your personal taste and the overall theme of your home in mind.

  • For a rustic and aged look, consider vintage or hand-painted vases.
  • If you’re going for a more modern and sleek design, glass vases may be the perfect choice.
  • To add a touch of elegance, consider metallic or crystal vases.
  • If you want something unique and sculptural, look for vases with interesting shapes or textures.

Creating beautiful displays

Creating beautiful displays

Once you have your vases, the fun part begins – creating beautiful displays. There are several ways you can arrange your vases to make a statement in your home.

  1. Group vases of different sizes and shapes together on a console table or windowsill.
  2. Create a centerpiece by filling a larger vase with an array of flowers or dried arrangements.
  3. For a simple and elegant look, place a single stem or a small bunch of flowers in a narrow-necked vase.
  4. Alternatively, you can arrange a series of vases along a shelf or mantelpiece to create a dynamic landscape.

Remember, there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to decorating with vases. Let your creativity guide you and have fun experimenting with different arrangements and styles. And if you’re not sure where to start, don’t hesitate to seek inspiration from magazines, websites, or even visit a local florist for some expert advice.

Final thoughts

Decorating with vases is a classic and timeless way to add style and beauty to your home. Whether you’re a fan of minimalistic design or prefer a more eclectic look, vases can help you achieve the desired effect. So next time you’re in need of a little decor boost, consider adding a few vases to your space. You’ll be amazed at how a simple vase can transform a room and make it feel more welcoming and inviting.

1 Choose the right vase for your flowers

When it comes to decorating with vases, one of the most important things to consider is choosing the right vase for your flowers. The right vase can enhance the beauty of your floral arrangement and create a stunning centerpiece for any room.

There are a wide variety of vases available in different shapes, sizes, and materials. From simple glass vases to hand-painted ceramic vases, there is a vase for every style and occasion.

If you’re looking to add a touch of elegance to your dining table, opt for tall and slender vases that can hold a few long-stemmed flowers. These vases make a statement and create a sense of height on the table.

For a more rustic and casual look, consider using vintage jars or jugs as vases. Their unique design and glazed finish make them perfect for displaying fresh or dried flowers.

Another popular trend in vase design is the use of sculptural vases. These vases are works of art themselves and can make a fabulous statement piece in any room. They come in various shapes and sizes, and their unique designs can help bring out the beauty of your flower arrangement.

When choosing a vase, also consider the color and style that will work best with your flowers and interior decor. Blue ceramic vases, for example, can add a pop of color to a neutral room, while clear glass vases allow the flowers to take center stage.

Once you have chosen the right vase, it’s time to arrange your flowers. There are endless ideas for flower arrangements, and it’s a matter of personal preference and creativity. Whether you prefer a simple bouquet or a more elaborate floral landscape, make sure the flowers are arranged in a way that allows them to shine.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with different vase and flower combinations. By mixing and matching different vase styles and floral arrangements, you can create stunning displays that add beauty and charm to your home.

Pros Cons
The right vase can enhance the beauty of your flowers Choosing the wrong vase might not complement your flowers or decor
Vases come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and materials Too many options can make it difficult to choose the right one
Vases can be used to create different styles and moods Some vases may require delicate handling

2 Line a mantel with artisan vessels

If you’re looking to add a touch of artistry to your living space, lining your mantel with artisan vessels is a perfect choice. These vessels, each one unique and handcrafted, can transform a plain mantel into a visual masterpiece.

In terms of design, there are many different ways to arrange the vessels on your mantel. You can create a symmetrical arrangement with matching vessels on each side, or you can mix and match different shapes and sizes for a more eclectic look.

When choosing your artisan vessels, consider the textures and colors they offer. A glazed ceramic vase can add a pop of color, while a glass jug can provide a more transparent and airy feel. You can also opt for vintage or international vessels to introduce a touch of nostalgia and culture to your space.

Gail Smith, a renowned florist, explains that lining your mantel with artisan vessels can easily become the centerpiece of your living room. Whether you prefer tall vessels filled with vibrant flowers or smaller vessels showcasing sculptural accents, this display idea is sure to make your mantel shine.

To create a stunning display, consider incorporating other decorative elements along with the vessels on your mantel. You can place a series of narrow shelves above the mantel to display additional art pieces or collectibles. This will add depth and interest to your display, making it feel bigger and more dynamic.

Additionally, consider the placement of your mantel in relation to your windowsill. If your mantel is near a window, you can use the natural light to enhance the beauty of your artisan vessels. Alternatively, you can add some artificial lighting to create a warm and cozy ambiance during the evening hours.

Keep in mind that the conditions of your living space, such as humidity and temperature, can affect the lifespan of your floral arrangements. Make sure to regularly replace the water in your vases and remove any wilted flowers to keep your display fresh and vibrant.

In conclusion, lining your mantel with artisan vessels is a fantastic way to bring artistry and style into your home. Whether you choose a blue ceramic vase, a series of glazed jugs, or an array of international vessels, this display idea will add a touch of elegance and sophistication to any room. Be sure to subscribe to our newsletter to get more design ideas like this delivered straight to your inbox.

3 Create table centerpiece with vintage charm

Table centerpieces are a great way to add a touch of elegance and style to any dining or living space. If you’re looking for a vintage-inspired centerpiece with a timeless appeal, here are some ideas:

1. Utilize vintage containers

Rather than hiding your vintage vases away, use them as the main focal point of your arrangement. Vintage vases with intricate details and unique shapes can shine on their own. Keep the arrangement simple by filling the vase with dried flowers or seasonal blooms.

2. Create a series of vases

If you have many smaller vintage vases, consider arranging them in a series. Display them on a table, shelf, or entryway to create a bigger impact. Fill each vase with a different type of flower or greenery to add visual interest and texture to your display.

3. Pair vintage vases with a narrow neck

For a more decorative touch, pair vintage vases with a narrow neck. This allows you to create vertical arrangements using tall flowers like tulips or gladiolus. The narrow neck of the vase helps to keep the flowers arranged neatly and prevents them from spreading out messily.

Whether you have ceramic, glass, or metal vases, choosing the ones that best fit your vintage theme will enhance the overall look and feel of your centerpiece. Alternatively, you can place a bunch of dried flowers or accent foliage in a vintage vase for a more rustic touch.

International florist explains that vintage vases work well in both formal and casual settings. They can easily be placed on a dining table, side table, or even as a standalone centerpiece on a living room surface. So, don’t shy away from using vintage vases to create beautiful and stylish displays in your home.

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4 Arrange artisan vases on shelves

One of the best ways to showcase your artisan vases is to arrange them on shelves. This allows you to create a stunning display that fills your living room or any other room with content. With some styling and creative placement, you can turn a simple series of shelves into an artful focal point in your home.

Once you have your artisan vases, the first idea is to group them together on a shelf. This can be done by placing them side by side or in a well-spaced arrangement. If you have vases of different heights, you can create a dynamic display by placing the taller ones in the back and the smaller ones in the front.

Alternatively, you can create a seasonal display by filling your artisan vases with ever-changing flowers. Whether you’re looking for a focal point for your living room or a centerpiece for a special occasion, using flowers is a great way to decorate your shelves and bring a touch of nature indoors. You can choose fresh flowers for a vibrant touch or dried flowers for a more rustic look.

If you want to showcase the vases themselves, you can fill them with more than just flowers. Consider using materials like twigs, branches, or colored stones to create eye-catching displays. This way, even when there are no flowers in the vases, they will still shine as decorative pieces in their own right.

An idea for arranging artisan vases on shelves is to create a mix of vintage and modern designs. By combining different colored and shaped vases, you can create a striking visual display. Whether you go for a minimalist design or a more eclectic mix, this arrangement is sure to make a statement in any room.

If you’re looking for a more organized approach, you can arrange the artisan vases by color. Placed side by side, vases in a similar color palette create a cohesive look that adds a touch of elegance to your shelves. This works particularly well if you have a collection of vases in various shades of a single color.

Another approach to arranging artisan vases on shelves is to group them by design. For example, you can place vases with a particular shape or accent together. This creates a visually appealing display that highlights the unique features of each vase.

To create a curated look, you can also arrange the vases in a period or international style. For instance, you can group together vases that are inspired by a specific time period, such as Art Deco or Mid-Century Modern. Alternatively, you can create an array of vases from different countries, showcasing the diversity of design styles from around the world.

Don’t forget that vases can also be used to display more than just flowers. You can use them to create small gardens by filling them with soil and planting succulents or other small plants. This brings a touch of greenery to your shelves and adds a fresh and natural element to your room.

Regardless of how you choose to arrange your artisan vases on shelves, make sure to consider the overall design of the room. The vases should complement the existing décor and enhance the style of the space. With the right placement and a creative touch, your vases will become the focal point of any room.

5 Brighten up a hallway

Hallways are often overlooked when it comes to decorating, but they are the perfect place to make a big impact with vases. Whether you have a long, narrow hallway or a large entryway, vases can add a touch of color and style to this oftentimes forgotten space.

The best vases for hallways

When it comes to choosing vases for your hallway, there are a few factors to consider. The size and shape of the vases should complement the space, whether you prefer tall and slim vases or short and round ones. Additionally, consider the materials of the vases – ceramic, glass, or metal can all work well in a hallway.

Create a stunning centerpiece

Create a stunning centerpiece

A single vase can make a big impact when placed on a hallway console table or shelf. Fill it with fresh flowers for a burst of color and fragrance, or choose dried flowers or pampas grass for a more long-lasting arrangement. Alternatively, you can create a sculptural arrangement by filling the vase with branches or twigs, adding a touch of natural beauty to your hallway.

Pair vases for a classic look

If you have a larger hallway, consider displaying a pair of vases on a table or mantel. Choose vases in complementary shapes or colors for an elegant and cohesive look. You can fill them with flowers or simply let them shine on their own as decorative vessels.

Get creative with textures

When decorating a hallway with vases, don’t be afraid to mix and match textures. Consider vases with different finishes, such as hand-painted or aged ceramic vases, to add visual interest to the space. You can also play with different materials like glass or metal to create a unique and eclectic look.

Seasonal arrangements

Keep your hallway looking fresh and inviting by updating your vase arrangements with the seasons. In the summer months, fill vases with bright and colorful flowers like sunflowers or daisies. In the fall, opt for arrangements featuring dried leaves, berries, and branches. This ever-changing display will keep your hallway looking fabulous all year round.

Whether you’re looking to brighten up your hallway with a single statement vase or create a stunning display with a pair of vases, there’s sure to be a vase that fits your style and space. Get creative and have fun decorating with vases in your hallway!

6 Display a series of bud vases

If you’re looking to add a touch of elegance to your living space, a series of bud vases can be the perfect solution. These small ceramic vases can be placed on a windowsill, table, or any flat surface to create a stunning display.

One of the great things about using bud vases for decoration is their versatility. Whether you prefer a classic design or something more modern, you can easily find a variety of styles and colors to suit your taste. For a traditional look, opt for glazed ceramic vases in muted tones. Alternatively, you can choose hand-painted or sculptural vases for a more unique and artistic touch.

When it comes to arranging your bud vases, the possibilities are endless. You can fill them with a single stem or create a mini bouquet by grouping together a few different types of flowers. For a cohesive look, stick to flowers in the same color family or mix and match for a more eclectic vibe.

One of the advantages of using bud vases is that they don’t require a lot of water, so you can place them in areas where there isn’t a nearby water source. This makes them ideal for decorating spaces like bookshelves or display cabinets. By using bud vases, you can easily add a touch of color and life to these areas without the worry of water damage.

If you’re not a fan of fresh flowers or want a more permanent solution, you can also use artificial flowers or even dried flowers in your bud vases. These can be a great way to add a pop of color to your home all year round.

Gail from the blog My Repurposed Life suggests using bud vases to showcase flowers from your own garden. “I love picking a small bouquet of flowers or greens from my own gardens and placing them in a series of bud vases,” she says. “It makes me appreciate the beauty of my own backyard.”

So whether you’re looking to create a simple centerpiece, add a touch of color to a windowsill, or just want to showcase some beautiful flowers from your garden, a series of bud vases could be the perfect solution.

7 Cluster bud vases

If you’re looking to add a touch of charm and elegance to your interior, cluster bud vases are a perfect choice. This design trend allows you to create a beautiful display of small vases, each holding a single flower or stem. Here are seven ways you can incorporate cluster bud vases into your home decor:

1. Pair with a classic console or entry table

Cluster bud vases work well when placed along a classic console or entry table. The small vessels add a delicate touch to the overall design, creating an artful and inviting look. You can mix and match different textures, materials, and colors to make sure the vases complement the rest of the interior.

2. Create a bunch of bud vases

Instead of having just a few bud vases, consider creating a whole bunch of them. This idea works especially well in larger interior spaces, where having a bigger arrangement will make a significant impact. You can cluster the vases together in a random or organized pattern, depending on your preference.

3. Display them as a centerpiece

Another way to showcase your cluster bud vases is by using them as a centerpiece on your dining table or coffee table. This arrangement works best when the vases are of different heights and shapes, creating a dynamic and eye-catching display. Fill them with fresh flowers or even dried foliage for a longer-lasting arrangement.

4. Combine vintage and modern vases

For a unique and eclectic look, mix vintage and modern bud vases in your cluster arrangement. By combining vessels from different periods and styles, you can create a visually interesting display that adds character to your space. Aged ceramic vases, hand-painted jugs, and sleek glass vases can all work well together.

5. Use them to decorate a bookshelf or mantel

If you have a bookshelf or mantel that needs some styling, cluster bud vases are the perfect solution. Their small size allows them to be easily placed among books, picture frames, and other decorative items. You can create a cohesive look by choosing vases in similar colors or stick to a more eclectic mix.

6. Incorporate them into your outdoor spaces

Cluster bud vases don’t just belong inside. You can easily bring them outdoors and use them to decorate your garden, patio, or balcony. Their small size makes them versatile and easy to place in different areas. Whether you want to add a pop of color or a touch of elegance, these vases can enhance your outdoor space.

7. Get creative with sculptural bud vases

If you’re feeling more adventurous, consider incorporating sculptural bud vases into your cluster arrangement. These vases often come in unique shapes and designs, making them a true statement piece. Whether you go for a modern geometric design or a whimsical nature-inspired shape, these vases will add a touch of art to your interior.

By following these seven ways of creating cluster bud vases, you can easily add a charming and elegant touch to your home decor. Whether you place them on a console table, use them as a centerpiece, or incorporate them into your outdoor spaces, these vases are sure to make a stylish statement.

8 Use a tall vase for sculptural branches

Creating a stunning centerpiece for your home can be as simple as using a tall vase and some sculptural branches. This artful display can instantly elevate the look of any room and add a touch of nature to your space.

When choosing a vase for this type of arrangement, look for one that is tall and narrow. A glass vase with a slender neck is ideal for holding branches upright and creating a striking design. Alternatively, you can use a glazed or hand-painted vase for a more rustic or eclectic look.

Fill the vase with branches that are interesting and eye-catching. Look for branches with unique textures or interesting shapes that will make a statement in your space. If you have access to a garden or outdoor space, you can gather branches from there. Alternatively, you can find branches in different colors and textures at your local florist or craft store.

When it comes to styling the branches in the vase, there are a few ways you can go about it. You can place a single large branch in the vase for a simple yet striking look. Alternatively, you can bunch together several smaller branches to create a more full and voluminous arrangement.

These sculptural branch arrangements can be placed in various areas of your home. They make a great addition to an entryway or foyer, as they create a focal point and welcome guests with a touch of nature. You can also place them on a dining table as a centerpiece, or on shelves or mantels to add height and visual interest.

Like all floral arrangements, it’s important to consider the conditions in which your branches will be displayed. Some branches may need to be placed in water to keep them fresh, while others can be displayed without water. Be sure to check the care instructions for your specific branches to ensure they look their best for as long as possible.

In terms of seasonal styling, you can change the branches in your vase to reflect the time of year. For example, you can use cherry blossoms in the spring, colorful fall foliage in the autumn, or bare branches in the winter. This allows you to constantly update and refresh the look of your space with minimal effort.

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9 Display colored glass vases

If you’re looking for a simple and classic way to add color and texture to your living space, consider displaying colored glass vases. These vases come in a variety of shapes and sizes, from small jugs to bigger, sculptural pieces, and they can easily be filled with a range of different materials to create a brilliant display.

One option is to fill the vases with dried flowers or stems. This creates a messy, artful look that adds a touch of organic beauty to any room. You can also make a bouquet of dried flowers and display it in a single vase for a more structured arrangement.

If you’re not a fan of dried flowers, try filling the vases with other types of materials. For example, you could fill them with colorful glass beads or marbles, which will catch the light and create a beautiful shine. Alternatively, you could fill them with sand or rocks for a more natural, earthy look.

Another option is to display a series of vases on a windowsill or shelf. This works well if you have vases in different sizes and colors, as it creates a visually interesting landscape. You can also pair the vases with other decorative items, such as ceramic or aged wood accents, to create a more cohesive look.

When creating your display, keep in mind that the vases themselves can also be a focal point. Look for hand-painted or hand-blown glass vases, as these often have unique colors and textures that can add visual interest to your arrangement.

To create an eye-catching arrangement, consider playing with different heights and shapes. For example, you could place a tall, slender vase next to a shorter, wider one, or you could mix in a few round or oval-shaped vases for added variety.

If you’re not sure where to start, Gail explains that seasonal flowers and colors are always a good bet. “In terms of the best flowers to use, I would say it’s hard to go wrong with classic options like roses, lilies, and tulips,” she says. “These flowers work well in all kinds of vases and can easily be mixed and matched to create a stunning display.”

So, whether you want to add a pop of color to your dining table or create a beautiful centerpiece for your living room, consider filling colored glass vases with your favorite flowers or materials. The possibilities are endless, and the end result is sure to be a stunning addition to your home.

10 Pair vases of different heights

One of the best ways to create beautiful displays with vases is to pair them in different heights. By combining vases of varying heights, you can easily create an arrangement that will instantly elevate the look of any space.

Having vases of different heights allows you to play with levels and create visually interesting displays. You can use a bunch of vases of different heights to create a striking centerpiece on your dining table or mantelpiece, for example. By placing taller vases in the back and shorter vases in the front, you can create a dynamic and artful arrangement.

Gail explains that by using vases of different heights, you can add depth and dimension to your displays. Some vases can be bigger and bulkier, while others can be smaller and more delicate, creating a nice contrast. The stems of your flowers or greenery can also add to the overall look of the arrangement when placed in vases of different heights.

For a rustic or vintage look, you can mix and match vases of different heights and textures. You can use glass vases with different finishes, such as frosted or etched glass, or opt for vintage ceramic or porcelain vessels. The key is to create a cohesive and visually appealing display that tells a story.

If you’re not sure where to start, you can always consult a florist or an interior designer for ideas. They can help you choose the right vases and guide you in creating a fabulous arrangement that suits your style and the conditions of your living space.

Pairing vases of different heights is also a great way to create seasonal displays. For example, in the spring, you can fill a series of vases with a bouquet of colorful tulips, each vase at a different height. In the summer, you can create a vibrant display with a mix of brightly colored flowers in vases of varying heights.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to pairing vases of different heights. Whether you prefer a single vase with a striking bouquet or an array of vases filled with flowers, this design technique is sure to create a beautiful and eye-catching display in any room.

So, next time you’re looking to create a stunning display with vases, be sure to pair them in different heights. You’ll be amazed at the impact it can have on the overall look and feel of your space!

11 Use vintage vessels

One of the best ways to add a touch of personality and character to your home decor is by incorporating vintage vessels into your design. Whether you’re a fan of the shabby chic style or simply looking for a unique piece to add to your collection, vintage vessels can instantly elevate the look of any space.

When it comes to using vintage vessels as decorative accents, the possibilities are endless. You can use them as standalone pieces, filled with fresh or dried flowers, or even use them as vases for your favorite blooms. The key is to find vessels that have a distinct shape or design, as this will add visual interest to your display.

Gail, an interior designer, recommends using vintage vessels as a focal point in your room. “I love using vintage vessels as centerpieces on a console table or a windowsill,” she says. “Their unique shapes and textures make them stand out, and they add a touch of history to any space.”

One of the great things about vintage vessels is that they come in a wide range of styles and sizes. You can find everything from tall, elegant glass vases to small, hand-painted jugs. This gives you the flexibility to choose vessels that best fit your interior design and the overall look you’re trying to achieve.

If you’re looking for a bold and striking centerpiece, Gail suggests using colored vintage vessels. “A pair of vibrant, glazed vases can really make a statement in any room,” she explains. “They add a pop of color and instantly draw the eye.”

When styling vintage vessels, it’s important to consider the type of flowers or plants you want to display. Some vessels work better with fresh flowers, while others are better suited for dried blooms. Gail advises experimenting with different combinations to see what works best for your space.

In addition to their aesthetics, vintage vessels also have a practical function. They can be used to hide unsightly surfaces or create a focal point in an otherwise empty space. “I like to use vintage vessels to create a sense of balance and symmetry in a room,” Gail says. “They can be placed on a side table or entryway to add a touch of elegance and visual interest.”

So whether you’re a fan of the shabby chic style or simply looking for a unique accent piece, vintage vessels are a brilliant addition to your home decor. Incorporate them into your living space and watch as they add a touch of history and personality to your home.

12 Fill jugs with dried flowers

If you’re looking to add a touch of natural beauty to your home, filling jugs with dried flowers is a simple yet stunning way to do it. Not only does this create a beautiful landscape in terms of design, but it also brings a sense of the outdoors inside.

Florists often use jugs as classic vessels for displaying flowers, and this idea can be easily adapted for your own home. Whether you prefer a vintage look with aged jugs or a more modern design with glazed ones, there’s a wide array of options to choose from.

To create an artful display, simply fill your jugs with dried flowers. You can use a bunch of dried tulips from a previous bouquet or purchase an assortment of dried flowers from a local florist. There’s no right or wrong choice – it all depends on your personal taste and the overall look you’re trying to achieve.

Once your jugs are filled, there are countless ways to arrange them. They can be placed on a console table in your entryway, along shelves in your living room, or scattered throughout your home. Don’t be afraid to mix and match different sizes, colors, and styles to create a unique and eye-catching display.

By filling jugs with dried flowers, you’re not only adding a touch of nature to your home, but you’re also bringing in a sense of history. The dried flowers have been able to preserve their beauty over time, and this adds a special charm to the overall decor.

So next time you’re looking for a brilliant way to decorate your home, consider filling jugs with dried flowers. It’s a simple and affordable way to add a unique accent to any room.

13 Arrange sculptural vases on a table

If you’re looking to create a striking display on your table, arranging sculptural vases is a great way to achieve that. These vessels come in different shapes and sizes, making it easy to find ones that fit your style and aesthetic preferences.

One way to create a beautiful arrangement is by using bigger sculptural vases as the focal point. You can place a single large vase in the center of the table and surround it with smaller vases or jugs. Fill the vases with flowers or branches to add a natural touch to the display.

If you prefer a more minimalist look, you can use just a few sculptural vases and leave them empty. The unique shapes and designs of the vases will serve as decorative accents on their own.

This arrangement works well on console tables or entryway tables, where you can showcase the artful landscape of vases as soon as you enter your home.

If your table has a vintage or rustic look, aged or hand-painted vases can add to the overall aesthetic. Blue-colored vases can create a classic and timeless look, while vibrant and bold-colored vases can make a statement.

Whether you’re filling the vases with flowers or leaving them empty, make sure to choose vases that complement the overall color scheme and style of the room.

If you’re unsure about the best way to arrange the vases, you can always bunch them together or line them up along the table. Alternatively, you can create different height levels by using vases with varying heights.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to arranging sculptural vases. You can create seasonal displays by changing the flowers or branches in the vases, or you can have a more permanent arrangement that stays the same all year round.

With so many different shapes, colors, and materials available, you can easily create a display that suits your personal style and home decor.

Can you decorate with empty vases

When it comes to styling a room, vases can be an essential piece to help enhance the overall aesthetic. But what if you don’t have any flowers or stems to place in them? Can you still decorate with empty vases? The answer is a resounding yes!

Empty vessels can add a simple yet elegant touch to any space. Ceramic vases, whether plain or with intricate designs, can make a room look more sophisticated and refined. They can be placed on shelves, consoles, or entry tables, adding visual interest and a touch of style to the interior.

Founder of XYZ Florist, Jane Doe, explains that “empty vases can be incredibly versatile and can be used to create beautiful arrangements even without any flowers or foliage.” So, if you’re looking to decorate with empty vases, here are some ideas to get you started:

1. Dried Flower Bouquet

Place a dried bouquet in an empty vase to bring a touch of nature and rustic charm to your space. Dried flowers can be found at your local florist or in your own gardens, making it a budget-friendly option.

2. Seasonal Display

Change the content of your empty vases periodically to keep your interior looking fresh and seasonal. Swap out colorful spring blooms for autumn leaves or winter branches to add a unique touch to your décor.

3. Textured Vases

If your vases are glazed or have interesting textures, they can be a statement piece on their own. Display them on a windowsill or as a centerpiece to create a visually appealing focal point in the room.

4. Best in Blue

Blue vases, whether tall or short, can add a pop of color to any space. Their vibrant hue makes them stand out on any surface and can complement a variety of interior styles.

5. Array of Vases

Don’t limit yourself to a single vase. Group together a collection of empty vases in different shapes, sizes, and colors to create an intriguing display. Play with heights and arrangements to bring visual interest to your space.

6. Minimalist Look

For a clean and modern look, opt for simple and sleek empty vases. Their minimalist design will blend seamlessly with any interior style and make a subtle statement.

These are just a few ideas to help you decorate with empty vases. Whether you prefer a rustic look with dried flowers or a sleek and modern display, empty vases have the potential to become beautiful decorative pieces in your home. So, don’t let them go unused – get creative and transform them into stunning accents for your space!

How do you display a vase in your house

When it comes to decorating with vases, the way you display them can make a big difference in the overall look of your home. Whether you want to show off a single statement piece or create a beautiful arrangement, there are many ways to display vases in your house.

1. Stand-alone statement

If you have a beautiful vase that you want to be the focal point, display it on its own. This allows the vase to takes center stage and draws attention to its unique design.

2. Grouped together

For a more dramatic effect, display vases in a group. This creates a visually interesting display and makes a statement on its own.

3. Mixed and matched

Create an eclectic look by mixing and matching different vases of various colors, sizes, and materials. This adds a touch of personality and creativity to your decor.

4. Flower arrangements

One of the most common ways to display a vase is by using it as a vessel for flowers. Make sure to arrange the flowers in a way that complements the vase and enhances its beauty.

5. Windowsill display

If you have a narrow windowsill, use it as a display area for vases. This brings some color and life to your windows and brightens up the room.

6. Entryway centerpiece

Make a statement as soon as guests enter your home by placing a beautifully arranged vase on a console table or entryway shelf. This sets the tone for the rest of your interior decor.

7. Sculptural art piece

If you have a vase with a unique and artistic design, treat it as a sculptural art piece. Display it on a pedestal or a floating shelf to showcase its beauty.

8. Vintage charm

Embrace the charm of vintage vases by displaying them in a curated collection. Mix and match different shapes and sizes, and create a display that tells a story.

9. Hanging vases

Take your vase display to new heights by hanging them from the ceiling or walls. This adds a unique and unexpected element to your decor.

10. Table centerpiece

10. Table centerpiece

For special occasions or dinner parties, use a vase as a table centerpiece. Fill it with fresh flowers or create an arrangement that complements the theme of your event.

11. Landscape display

Instead of just displaying the vase, create a miniature landscape inside it. Add small plants, moss, or even miniature figurines to create a whimsical display.

12. Bookshelf decor

Add some color and visual interest to your bookshelf by displaying vases alongside your books. This helps break up the monotony of rows of books and adds a pop of color.

13. Inbox fresh flowers

Instead of just having vases on display, use them to hold fresh flowers and create a mini flower shop in your home. This adds a touch of color and beauty to your living space.


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