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9 tips for styling and arranging a small TV room to make the most of limited space

Small TV room ideas – 9 ways to style and arrange in TV in a tiny space

If you have a small living space and are struggling to find the perfect design and layout for your TV area, look no further. With the latest trends in creative and space-saving designs, there are plenty of ways to make your tiny TV room feel cozy and stylish.

Whether you love a minimalist aesthetic or prefer a more eclectic look, there are options that will suit every taste and need. For those who want to hide their TV when not in use, a wall cabinet or shelving unit with doors can be the perfect solution. This way, you can maintain a clean and clutter-free space without sacrificing the privacy of your TV watching experience.

If you’re looking to soften the look of your TV area, incorporating a gallery wall or wallpaper can be a great way to add some visual interest. Choose a pattern or color scheme that complements the rest of your room, and you’ll create a cohesive and stylish look that will make your TV area feel more like a deliberate design choice rather than an afterthought.

One of the latest trends in TV room design is the use of long, narrow spaces as dedicated entertainment areas. Designer Galina Nash says that these spaces are perfect for creating a cozy and intimate atmosphere. By making use of clever layout and furniture placement, you can maximize the use of your small space without feeling cramped.

To keep the focus on the TV and hide any unsightly wires, consider investing in a cable management system or cord cover. These small additions will go a long way in making your TV area look more polished and organized. With these small tweaks and creative ideas, you can transform your tiny TV room into a stylish and functional space where you can relax and enjoy your favorite shows.

Small TV room ideas

Utilize shelving for storage and display

A small TV room can often feel cluttered and cramped, so it’s important to find creative solutions for storage. One option is to incorporate shelving units into the design. These can be used to store books, DVDs, and other items, while also providing a space to display decorative objects. By using narrow shelves, you can maximize storage without taking up too much space.

Consider the layout and size of the room

When it comes to small TV room ideas, the layout and size of the space are crucial. It’s important to consider whether the room is long and narrow or more square in shape, as this will impact the placement of furniture and the TV. A designer says that it’s essential to find a layout that allows for comfortable viewing angles from different seating areas.

Add wallpaper to create visual interest

If you want to add a touch of personality to your small TV room, consider adding wallpaper to one or more walls. This can help to soften the space and make it feel more inviting. There are many different wallpaper options available, so you’re sure to find something that suits your design scheme.

Hide wires and cables

Hide wires and cables

One thing that can ruin the aesthetic of a small TV room is a tangle of wires and cables. To avoid this, look for creative ways to hide them. For example, you could use cord covers or cable management systems to keep them out of sight. Alternatively, you could opt for a TV stand or cabinet that has built-in cable management features.

Create a cozy and comfortable space

A small TV room should be a place where you can relax and unwind. To achieve this, consider adding cozy furnishings and accessories. This could include soft throw blankets, comfortable pillows, and plush seating. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different textures and fabrics to create a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Incorporate privacy features

If your small TV room doubles as a space for other activities, such as reading or working, it’s important to consider privacy. You could do this by adding curtains or blinds to the windows, or by using room dividers to separate the TV area from the rest of the space. This will help to create a more private and focused environment.

Stay on top of the latest trends

When it comes to small TV room ideas, it’s important to stay up to date with the latest design trends. This will help you create a space that feels current and stylish. Keep an eye on design blogs, magazines, and social media for inspiration. You can also sign up for newsletters to have the latest trends delivered straight to your inbox.

Incorporate entertainment features

Don’t forget about the entertainment aspect of your small TV room. Consider adding a sound system or a gaming console to enhance the viewing experience. You could also invest in a comfortable recliner or gaming chair to make the space more enjoyable. Make sure to choose features that fit within your budget and layout restrictions.

Make the most of small spaces

When it comes to small TV room ideas, it’s all about making the most of the space you have. Look for furniture and storage solutions that are designed for small spaces, such as multi-functional pieces or wall-mounted shelves. Additionally, consider using light colors and mirrors to create the illusion of a larger room.

Add a personal touch with accessories

A small TV room is the perfect place to showcase your personal style. Consider adding accessories and decorative items that you love, such as artwork, photos, or plants. These can help to make the space feel more personalized and inviting. Additionally, they can be easily changed or updated to keep up with your evolving taste.

1 Opt for a variety of flexible small seating

When it comes to designing a small TV room, having flexible seating options is essential. Small spaces call for creative solutions, and incorporating different types of seating can help you maximize the limited space available.

A perfect option for small TV rooms is a cabinet where you can store your TV and other entertainment devices. This cabinet can also double as additional seating when needed. You can choose a cabinet that features built-in shelving to house your media accessories and create a streamlined look.

Says designer Galina Nash: “Having a variety of seating options allows for more flexibility in terms of layout and privacy. Whether you have guests over or simply want to relax on your own, having different seating choices gives you the freedom to create the perfect atmosphere.”

If you have a small living room without much space for traditional seating, consider using floor cushions or ottomans. These can be easily moved around and provide a comfortable seating option for watching TV. You can also opt for a long bench or narrow sofa against the wall, which will save space and accommodate multiple people.

Incorporating different seating options is not only practical but can also enhance the design of your small TV room. You can choose seating pieces that match your overall design scheme and bring in the latest trends. For example, adding a pop of color with vibrant cushions or choosing a trendy wallpaper for an accent wall can instantly liven up the space.

No matter what seating options you go for, it’s important to consider how they will fit in your small TV room. Make sure to measure the available space and arrange the seating in a way that allows for comfortable viewing of the TV. Additionally, think about how you can hide wires and cables to maintain a clean and organized look.

Overall, when designing a small TV room, having a variety of flexible seating options is key. It not only helps maximize the space but also adds a touch of creativity and style to your tiny entertainment area.

2 Conceal wires in a bespoke media cabinet

If you have a small TV room with limited space, one of the biggest challenges can be concealing all those unsightly wires from your entertainment setup. Luckily, there are features and solutions available that can help you create a clean and organized space without sacrificing style.

One of the best options for hiding wires is to invest in a bespoke media cabinet. Galina Nash, a designer from Love Interiors, says that a custom-designed cabinet can be the perfect solution for small TV rooms. “You can have shelving and storage designed to fit your exact requirements, whether that’s for your DVD collection or to house additional electronics,” she explains.

Not only will a media cabinet hide all those messy wires, but it will also provide a place to store your entertainment essentials. This allows you to keep everything organized and easily accessible, without cluttering up your living space.

When choosing a media cabinet, consider the layout of your small TV room. If you have a narrow space, look for a cabinet that is long and slim to maximize storage without taking up too much floor space. There are many stylish options available that will blend seamlessly with your existing decor.

If you want to get creative with your media cabinet, consider adding some decorative elements to soften the look. “You can use wallpaper or a patterned fabric to line the back of the cabinet, or even add some plants or artwork on top to make it a focal point of the room,” suggests Galina Nash.

Whether you love the latest trends or prefer a more classic scheme, a bespoke media cabinet can be a great addition to any small TV room. It will not only hide those pesky wires but also provide you with additional storage and privacy for your entertainment setup. So why not give it a try and see how it can transform your space?

3 Zone a small open plan tv room with wallpaper

When it comes to small TV rooms, there is one thing you need to keep in mind – making the most of the space you have. And that’s where creative design ideas come in. Whether you have a tiny living room or an open plan space, you can still create a stylish and functional TV room with the help of wallpaper.

Galina Nash, a designer at House Interiors, says that wallpaper can be used to soften the look and feel of a small TV room. “With the right wallpaper, you can create a sense of depth and warmth in a small space,” she says. “Whether you choose a bold pattern or a subtle design, wallpaper can add character and interest to your TV room.”

If you have a small open plan living area and want to create a separate zone for your TV, wallpaper can be a perfect solution. “By using wallpaper on one wall, you can define the TV area and create a focal point,” Nash says. “Choose a wallpaper that complements your existing color scheme and reflects your personal style.”

In addition to defining the TV zone, wallpaper can also be used to hide wires and provide storage solutions. “If you have a narrow space or limited shelving options, consider using a wallpapered cabinet to store your entertainment gadgets,” Nash suggests. “Not only will it keep your TV area clutter-free, but it will also add a touch of style to your room.”

There are many different wallpaper trends to choose from, so you can find the perfect option for your small TV room. From geometric patterns to floral designs, there is something for every taste and style. “Don’t be afraid to experiment with different patterns and textures,” Nash says. “Just make sure to choose a wallpaper that fits the overall theme of your room.”

Small TV rooms can be challenging to design, but with the right wallpaper and layout, you can create a space that is both stylish and functional. Whether you love bold colors or prefer a more neutral palette, wallpaper can help you achieve the look and feel you want.

So, if you have a small open plan living area and want to create a separate TV zone, consider using wallpaper. It will not only add privacy and define the space, but it will also make your TV room more stylish and inviting. And with the latest wallpaper trends, you can easily find a design that suits your taste and complements your interiors.

4 Play with proportions and materials

When it comes to designing a small TV room, it’s important to play with proportions and materials. This can help create a visually appealing and functional space that doesn’t feel cramped.

One trend in small TV room design is to use a larger cabinet or console to hold the TV. Placing a larger piece of furniture against a wall can help make the TV feel more proportionate to the space. This can also provide extra storage for electronics, movies, and other entertainment essentials.

Another tip is to incorporate different materials and textures in the space. A mix of wood, metal, and glass can add visual interest and depth to the room. This can be done through the choice of furniture, such as a wooden media cabinet or a metal TV stand. It can also be achieved by adding accessories and decor, such as a glass coffee table or metal wall art.

Designer Galina Nash says, “Playing with proportions and materials is a great way to add visual interest and personality to small TV rooms. The latest design trends are all about making the most of small spaces without sacrificing style.”

One way to play with proportions is by using long and narrow shelving to display books, plants, or decorative items. This can help draw the eye upward and make the room feel taller. Another option is to incorporate a mix of open and closed storage to keep the space organized and clutter-free.

When it comes to materials, consider using wallpaper or paint to create an accent wall behind the TV. This can add depth and dimension to the room without taking up valuable floor space. It can also help create a focal point and make the TV feel more intentional in the space.

If privacy is a concern, consider adding curtains or blinds to cover the TV when it’s not in use. This can help soften the space and create a more cozy and intimate feel. It can also help hide any unsightly wires or electronics.

No matter the size of your TV room, playing with proportions and materials will help create a visually appealing and functional space. Whether you love the latest design trends or prefer a more classic and timeless scheme, there are plenty of ways to get creative and make the most of your small TV room.

5 Use curves to soften harsh corners

One thing that can happen with small TV rooms is that they can feel a bit boxy and cramped, especially if they have a lot of sharp corners. But you can soften those corners without sacrificing privacy or making the layout of the room awkward.

“Whether you love the place or hate it, you can still hide your TV in a creative and stylish way that will fit perfectly with your house’s design scheme,” says Galina Nash, an interior designer at Tiny Homes & Interiors.

One of the latest trends in small TV room design is incorporating curves to create a more open and welcoming feeling. By adding curved features like shelving or a cabinet, you can break up the long straight lines of the room and add visual interest.

There are many ways to incorporate curves into your small TV room. One option is to use a curved TV stand or entertainment center. This will not only soften the corners of the room but also provide a more modern and sleek look.

Another option is to use curved wallpaper or paint to create an accent wall. This can help to visually expand the space and create a focal point in the room.

You can also use curves in your furniture choices. Look for sofas or chairs with curved backs or arms, or consider adding a round coffee table or ottoman. These small additions can make a big difference in how the room feels.

So if you’re looking for a way to make your small TV room feel more inviting and spacious, consider incorporating curves. Whether it’s through furniture, wallpaper, or accessories, this trend can help transform your space into a cozy and stylish oasis.

6 Use accent pieces of furniture

Adding accent pieces of furniture to your small TV room can be a perfect way to add style and personality to the space. Nash, a designer from without a long house, says that using accent pieces of furniture can help create a more interesting and dynamic layout.

One way to use accent pieces of furniture is to incorporate shelving into your TV wall design. This will not only provide a place to display decorative items, but it will also help to organize and keep the space tidy. Shelving can be particularly useful in small spaces where storage is limited.

Another creative way to use accent furniture is to choose a TV cabinet that has unique features. For example, you could opt for a cabinet with built-in shelving or hidden storage compartments to hide wires and keep the space clutter-free. This can be especially useful for narrow TV rooms where space is at a premium.

If you’re looking to add a pop of color or pattern to your small TV room, consider using accent furniture in the form of chairs or side tables. This can help to create a focal point and add visual interest to the space. Galina, an interior designer, suggests using accent furniture in bold colors or unique finishes to make a statement.

Whether you love the latest design trends or prefer a more classic look, incorporating accent furniture into your small TV room can help to create the perfect balance of style and functionality. From adding a touch of privacy with a room divider to using a side table to hold your favorite books and magazines, there are countless ways to use accent pieces in your TV room.

7 Hide or disguise your TV

In small living spaces, where every inch counts, finding a spot for your TV can be a challenge. But with a little creativity, you can hide or disguise your TV without sacrificing style or functionality. Whether you’re a minimalist designer or prefer a more eclectic look, there are plenty of options to soften the features of your entertainment center and keep it from dominating the room.

1. Wallpaper

A simple and effective way to hide your TV is to wallpaper the wall behind it. Choose a wallpaper that complements your decor and design scheme, and use it to create a visually interesting backdrop for your television. This will make your TV blend in with the rest of the room and become less of a focal point.

2. Creative shelving

If you have a wall-mounted TV, consider adding some creative shelving around it. This not only provides storage space for your media devices and accessories, but also helps to visually balance the TV and make it feel more integrated into the space. Choose shelves that match your decor style and place decorative items alongside your TV to create a cohesive look.

3. Cabinets and consoles

If you don’t want your TV to be visible all the time, consider using cabinets or consoles to hide it when it’s not in use. There are plenty of options available, from sleek and modern designs to more traditional styles. Choose a design that matches your decor and look for features such as doors or panels that can be closed to hide the TV completely.

4. Artwork

One of the latest trends in TV design is to incorporate it into artwork. Companies like Samsung and LG offer TVs that look like a piece of art when they’re turned off, with customizable frames and curated art collections. This way, you can enjoy beautiful artwork on your wall when you’re not watching TV, and simply turn it on when you’re ready to catch up on your favorite shows.

5. Decorative screens

If you want to hide your TV but still have it easily accessible, consider using a decorative screen. These screens can be placed in front of your TV when it’s not in use, providing privacy and adding an interesting design element to your space. Look for screens that match your decor style and choose designs that complement your other furniture and accessories.

6. Built-in solutions

If you’re designing a new home or doing a major renovation, consider incorporating built-in solutions for your TV. This could include recessed wall niches, custom cabinets, or even a dedicated entertainment center. These built-in solutions not only hide your TV but also create a streamlined and cohesive look in your space.

7. Cable management

Apart from hiding or disguising your TV itself, it’s also important to consider the cables and wires that come with it. Messy cables can make a space feel cluttered and untidy. Invest in cable management solutions such as cable organizers or cord covers to keep your wires out of sight and make your space look more organized and sleek.

In conclusion, hiding or disguising your TV in a small space is all about finding creative solutions that work for your decor style and lifestyle. From wallpaper and creative shelving to cabinets and built-in solutions, there are plenty of options available to help you integrate your TV seamlessly into your space. So don’t let the size of your room limit your design possibilities – embrace the challenge and create a TV setup that is both functional and visually appealing.

8 Introduce a sectional in a narrow space

If you have a tiny TV room, but still want to incorporate plenty of seating, a sectional sofa is the perfect solution. Sectionals are designed to maximize seating in small spaces, making them ideal for narrow TV rooms.

One of the latest trends in small TV room design is to hide the TV within a sectional. This trend not only saves space, but it also creates a clean and streamlined look. By placing the TV within the sectional, you can keep all the wires and cables hidden, creating a more organized and clutter-free space.

Galina Nash, a designer at GDA Interiors, recommends considering a sectional with shelving as it can provide additional storage and display space. “Whether you’re going for a modern or traditional design scheme, a sectional with shelving will add a touch of style and functionality to your living room,” says Nash. “You can place books, decorative items, or even a small entertainment center on the shelves.”

In addition to the functional features, a sectional can also help define the layout of a narrow TV room. By positioning the sectional against one wall, you create a designated seating area, making the room feel more inviting and cozy.

If you’re concerned that a sectional will make the room look too crowded, don’t worry. According to Galina Nash, you can use creative design tricks to make the space feel larger. “Choose a sectional in a light color, and pair it with a wallpaper that has a subtle pattern,” she suggests. “This will help soften the overall look of the room and create a feeling of privacy.”

In conclusion, introducing a sectional in a narrow TV room is a perfect way to maximize seating and storage without sacrificing style. With the latest design trends and creative layout ideas, you can create a small TV room that you’ll love spending time in.

9 Create a feature out of your TV

One of the best ways to make a small TV room feel stylish and inviting is to create a feature out of your TV. Instead of trying to hide it or blend it into the background, embrace it and make it a focal point of the room. Here are some ideas to help you achieve that:

  1. Wallpaper accent wall: Create an accent wall behind your TV with a bold wallpaper design. This will not only draw attention to your TV but also add visual interest to the room.
  2. Shelving unit: Install a decorative shelving unit around your TV to create a gallery-like display. You can use the shelves to showcase your favorite photos, art pieces, or decorative items.
  3. Artwork: Hang a large piece of artwork above your TV to create a gallery wall effect. This will make your TV look like a part of the art display.
  4. Cabinet with doors: If you prefer a more minimalist look, consider investing in a cabinet with doors that can hide your TV when it’s not in use. This way, you can still have the flexibility to showcase it or hide it whenever you want.
  5. Creative TV stand: Instead of using a traditional TV stand, opt for a more creative and unique design. Look for one that has interesting shapes, materials, or colors that can add visual appeal to the room.
  6. Lighting: Install ambient lighting around your TV to create a cozy and inviting atmosphere. You can use wall sconces, LED strips, or even fairy lights to add a warm glow to the space.
  7. Floating shelves: Install floating shelves underneath or beside your TV to create extra storage and display space. This is perfect for small TV rooms where storage is limited.
  8. Console table: Place a console table behind your TV to add a touch of elegance and sophistication. You can use the table to display decorative items or to create a functional space for placing drinks and snacks during movie nights.
  9. Surrounding decor: Finally, don’t forget to incorporate other decorative elements into the room to complement your TV. This can include wall art, throw pillows, rugs, and curtains that tie in with the overall design scheme.

By making your TV a feature of your small TV room, you can create a stylish and inviting space that you and your guests will love to spend time in. Whether you go for a bold wallpaper accent wall or a minimalist cabinet design, there are endless possibilities to add personality and style to your TV area.

How do you arrange a TV in a small room

When it comes to arranging a TV in a small room, it’s all about finding the right balance between functionality and aesthetics. Here are some tips and ideas to help you make the most of your small space:

1. Determine the best location

1. Determine the best location

Start by identifying the best location for your TV. Consider the layout of the room and choose a spot that will provide a comfortable viewing experience for everyone. Keep in mind that a narrow room may limit your options, so think about placing the TV on one of the shorter walls to create a more balanced feel.

2. Opt for a wall-mount

If you’re short on floor space, a wall-mount is a great solution. Not only does it free up valuable floor space, but it also creates a sleek and modern look. Choose a wall-mount that allows you to adjust the angle for optimal viewing.

3. Incorporate a floating shelf

If you have some wall space adjacent to your TV, consider incorporating a floating shelf. This can serve as a stylish storage solution for your media devices, as well as a decorative feature to soften the look of the TV area.

4. Create a stylish gallery wall

Add some visual interest to your TV area by creating a gallery wall around it. Hang a collection of artwork, photographs, and other decorative items to make the TV area feel more integrated into the overall design scheme of the room.

5. Use a decorative cabinet

If you prefer to hide your TV when it’s not in use, a decorative cabinet can be a perfect solution. Look for a design that complements your existing furniture and provides enough space to accommodate the TV and any other media devices.

6. Play with wallpaper

6. Play with wallpaper

Add a touch of personality to your TV area by incorporating wallpaper. Whether you go for a bold pattern or a subtle texture, wallpaper can help to define the space and create a more cohesive look.

7. Conceal the wires

No one likes to see a tangle of wires. Invest in cable management solutions to keep the wires hidden and organized. From cable raceways to cord covers, there are plenty of options available to help you achieve a clean and clutter-free appearance.

8. Consider privacy

If privacy is a concern, especially if the TV is visible from outside your home, consider window treatments such as blinds, curtains, or shades. This will allow you to control the amount of light and privacy in the room without compromising your TV viewing experience.

9. Get creative with storage

In a small room, storage is always a challenge. Look for creative storage solutions that can accommodate your media devices, DVDs, and other accessories. From built-in shelving to multifunctional furniture, there are plenty of options to maximize your storage space.

By following these tips and ideas, you can arrange your TV in a small room in a way that not only optimizes the viewing experience but also enhances the overall design and functionality of the space.


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