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Combine armchairs and sofas

One of the decorating principles is that the furniture you use together should create a cohesive look. So how do you find an armchair that matches your existing couch? Or how do you choose a harmonious combination? We present you with a few possibilities.

Upholstered sets

Here, everything is from a single source – in other words, the armchair and sofa are from the same series. This is the variant you can go right with. For one thing, they fit together perfectly because of the coordinated design features. On the other hand, you save a little money with sets because the set price is usually lower than the sum of the individual pieces.

Tip: Depending on the design, there is still the possibility of setting an eye-catcher – with an eye-catching lamp, color-intensive textiles, or an eye-catching decorative piece.

A luxurious upholstered furniture set in a contemporary living room.

Same color, different models

If you already have a sofa and can’t find an armchair from the same series to go with it, then there’s no harm in having an armchair that follows a different style. Choose an armchair whose upholstery color harmonizes with your couch, either the same color or at least a different shade (such as light gray and a slightly darker gray). This way, the two pieces of furniture have a connecting element, which makes a style break not random but sophisticated, for example, if you add a wing chair in nostalgic country style to a simple modern sofa. After all, both look cozy.

Tip: Also pay attention to the type of fabric because this also contributes to the perceived similarity or difference.

A collection of stylish furniture in the same color but with varying models displayed in a modern showroom.

Same style, different color

Decorating is always based on the play of similarities and contrasts. Due to their size, armchairs are ideal for adding an eye-catching splash of color, thus shaping the room’s look. That is why choosing an armchair with a strikingly colorful cover is advisable – more than sofas, for which neutral colors are more suitable. A good tip for integrating unifying elements is to choose an armchair and sofa in the same style. Example: a gray corner sofa in Skandi style with a trendy pink Skandi armchair.

Tip: It looks harmonious if you pick up the color or color family of the armchair elsewhere in the room, for example, with a mural, sofa cushions, or carpet.

Several pieces of the same furniture style are presented in a range of vibrant colors in a spacious showroom.

Balancing contrasts

If you want a cozy recliner in brown, but you already own a light gray fabric couch – is its brown leather out of place? Not at all! Just choose a color finish that connects to another element in your room. That could be the brown of your wood floor, the black of your coffee table, or the white in your sideboard. The key is to always start from the room’s overall effect and consider all the elements you use.

Tip: Your new acquisition needs to fit into the picture. With a few tricks, harmony is ensured. You could part with furniture that no longer provides the overall picture or establishes a new color.

A stylish room featuring a mix of dark and light furniture, representing a balance of contrasts.

Deliberate break in style

And what if you choose an armchair with nothing in common with the couch in terms of color or style? That can also be incredibly appealing. However, it’s important that this break is deliberately staged and that the total number of styles and colors used is kept within bounds overall. However, if you have a room where the sofa, storage furniture, flooring, and wall decorations are all put together in an overall uniform, sparse and harmonious way, then an eye-catching armchair could be just the icing on the cake that your living room decor has been missing.

Tip: Decide what should be the eye-catcher in the room and ensure that apart from this, only a few visual elements are clamoring for attention; that is, use otherwise restrained colo

A modern living space featuring a vintage armchair, signifying a deliberate break in style.


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