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Designers predict that navy blue is becoming outdated as this energetic color replaces the traditional dark blue

Is navy blue outdated This energetic color is replacing dark blue according to designers in the know

When it comes to design and decorating, both professionals and amateurs agree that color plays a crucial role in setting the mood and creating a harmonious atmosphere. And when it comes to blues, navy blue has long been a popular choice for its timeless and classic appeal. However, according to designers who are in the know, navy blue might be slowly losing its shine as a go-to color for interiors.

Designers say that navy blue, with its deep and almost black hue, can sometimes feel too dark and heavy for certain rooms. Some experts recommend opting for a brighter and more energetic shade of blue, such as cerulean or French blue, to create a fresh and light feel in the space. These lighter blues can also work well in rooms without direct sunlight, as they can brighten up the space and make it feel more open and airy.

One designer, Tash from Mizzurati Design, says that navy blue has been a classic color for a long time, but it might be time to update it with a lighter shade. She suggests staying within the blue spectrum but using a brighter and more vibrant blue to give a modern and youthful feel to the room. According to Tash, the new blues can work perfectly in a variety of spaces, from bedrooms to living rooms, and can complement different design styles, from traditional to contemporary.

“The new blues, such as seraphina or light French blue, have a brighter and more playful feel to them,” says Tash. “They can really transform a space and give it a fresh and modern look. It’s like giving your room a breath of fresh air.”

When it comes to navy blue, designer Charlotte shares a similar opinion. She believes that while navy blue has its place, especially when it comes to creating a more formal or aged look, it might not be the best choice for all rooms. Charlotte suggests using navy blue as an accent color or in small doses, like on pillows or accessories, rather than on large surfaces like walls or furniture.

Ultimately, the decision of whether to stick with navy blue or embrace the new blues comes down to personal preference and the specific conditions of each space. However, designers suggest considering the latest trends and experimenting with different colors to find the perfect fit for your home. After all, when it comes to design and decorating, it’s all about creating a space that reflects your style and makes you feel comfortable and at ease.

What is the new navy blue in interior design

When it comes to interior design, navy blue has long been a timeless favorite. However, designers are now looking for something new that can offer the same level of sophistication and elegance, without being too dark or overpowering. This is where the new wave of blues is stepping in, taking over the spotlight in the world of interior design.

Designers across the spectrum agree that light blues are now replacing traditional navy as the go-to color for creating a fresh and bright look in any room. Light blues such as cerulean, French blue, and even seraphina are being used to bring a sense of lightness and airiness to interiors, without compromising on style.

“In many conditions, navy blue can feel too dark and heavy,” says Tash Mizzurati, a leading interior designer. “Light blues, on the other hand, reflect more light and make a space feel bigger and more open. They have a calming effect and can create a serene and peaceful atmosphere in any room.”

One of the main advantages of light blues is their versatility. They can be used in both modern and classic design styles, and they work well with a variety of other colors. Whether you want to create a beachy summer vibe or a cozy winter haven, light blues can adapt to your decorating needs.

Another reason why these new blues are gaining popularity is because they can transform any room into a sanctuary. While navy blue often gives a more formal and serious feel, light blues have a more relaxed and casual vibe. They can make a room feel brighter and more inviting, making it the perfect color for creating a welcoming space.

For those who love the classic look of navy blue but want something a little lighter, the new wave of blues is the perfect solution. With their bright and airy feel, they offer a refreshing update to traditional navy, without losing its timeless appeal.

So, whether you’re looking to revamp your living room, bedroom, or even your garage, consider incorporating these new blues into your interiors. You’ll be amazed at how they can transform your space and create a whole new look and feel.

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What can I paint my walls with instead of navy?

When it comes to choosing a new color to paint your walls, there are plenty of options to consider. If you want to go for something different and without the classic navy blue, designers recommend exploring a range of alternatives that can bring a fresh and modern look to your space.

One popular choice is cerulean blue, a bright and vibrant shade that would add a pop of color to any room. This shade is lighter and more energetic compared to navy, making it a great option if you want to create a lively and uplifting atmosphere in your home.

Another option to consider is light blue. Light blue can provide a more serene and calming feel to your space, perfect for bedrooms or areas where you want to create a relaxing ambiance. Light blue also works well with coastal or beach-themed interiors, as it brings to mind the colors of the sea and sky.

If you are looking for a more sophisticated and elegant alternative to navy, you could opt for French blue. This shade is a soft and delicate blue-gray that can add a touch of luxury and refinement to your interior. French blue can work well in both traditional and contemporary settings.

If you want to experiment with different hues, you could try using a combination of blues. For instance, using shades like baby blue, sky blue, and teal can create a layered and dynamic look on your walls. This approach adds depth to your space and allows you to incorporate various tones from across the blue spectrum.

Charlotte Mizzurati, a renowned interior designer, says that navy blue has been a popular choice for many years, but she has noticed a shift towards lighter and more vibrant blues. She suggests considering brighter blues like seraphina blue to bring a summer-like feel into your house.

Both designers and homeowners agree that it’s important to consider the overall feel and look you want to achieve in your space. Before deciding on a color, think about the natural light conditions in the room and how the chosen blue will work with the other colors in your decorating scheme.

In the end, the choice of color will depend on your personal preferences and the specific atmosphere you want to create. Whether you decide to go with cerulean, light blue, French blue, or a combination of blues, make sure to choose a shade that speaks to your style and enhances the overall look of your home.


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How do you decorate with cerulean blue

How do you decorate with cerulean blue

When it comes to decorating with cerulean blue, there are many ways to incorporate this vibrant color into your home. From using it as an accent to painting entire walls, cerulean blue can add a fresh and bright feel to any room.

Incorporate cerulean blue as an accent color:

  • Add pops of cerulean blue to your home decor by using it in small accents such as throw pillows, curtains, or artwork. This can create a direct and eye-catching focal point in any room.
  • Pair cerulean blue with neutral colors such as white or beige to create a balanced and harmonious look.

Use cerulean blue on walls:

  • For a bolder statement, consider painting an entire wall or even a whole room in cerulean blue. This will create a vibrant and energetic atmosphere.
  • If you’re hesitant to paint all your walls in cerulean blue, you can opt for an accent wall or even create a color gradient by using different shades of blue.

Combine cerulean blue with other blues:

  • If you love blue but are not sure if cerulean blue is the right shade, try mixing it with other blues. The spectrum of blue colors can create a calming and soothing atmosphere.
  • Cerulean blue can work well with navy blue, creating a sophisticated and elegant color scheme.

Consider the light in your space:

  • Cerulean blue can look bright and energetic in well-lit rooms, so make sure to take into account the light conditions of the space you are decorating.
  • If you have a dark room or a space with limited natural light, cerulean blue might feel overpowering. In this case, consider using it as an accent color instead.

Stay updated with the latest design trends:

  • Designers such as Seraphina Mizzurati and Charlotte French have been using cerulean blue in their interiors, replacing more traditional colors like navy blue. Keeping up with the latest design trends can help you stay on top of what colors are currently popular.
  • Both Seraphina Mizzurati and Charlotte French agree that cerulean blue is a perfect color to use during the summer months. Its bright and energetic feel can instantly transform a space into a summer oasis.

Remember, decorating with cerulean blue is all about finding the balance that works best for your space and personal style. Whether you choose to use it as an accent or paint entire walls, cerulean blue is sure to add a fresh and vibrant touch to your home.

1 How to use cerulean in an entryway

1 How to use cerulean in an entryway

If you’re looking to add a pop of color to your entryway, cerulean is the perfect choice. This bright and energetic shade of blue will instantly make a statement and create a welcoming atmosphere. Here are a few tips on how to use cerulean in your entryway:

  1. Paint the walls: One of the easiest and most effective ways to incorporate cerulean in your entryway is by painting the walls. A coat of cerulean paint will instantly brighten up the space and give it a fresh and modern look. You can also consider using cerulean wallpaper for a more dramatic effect.
  2. Add cerulean accents: If you prefer to keep your walls neutral, you can still incorporate cerulean into your entryway through various accents. Consider adding cerulean throw pillows, rugs, or curtains. These small touches of color will add depth and interest to the space without overwhelming it.
  3. Use cerulean furniture: Another way to incorporate cerulean in your entryway is by using cerulean furniture. A cerulean console table or bench can instantly become the focal point of the space and give it a stylish and modern look. You can also consider repainting your existing furniture in cerulean to give it a fresh and updated look.
  4. Pair cerulean with other blues: Cerulean is a versatile color that can be paired with other shades of blue to create a cohesive and harmonious look. Consider combining cerulean with navy or light blue accents for a layered and sophisticated look.
  5. Accessorize with cerulean: Finally, consider accessorizing your entryway with cerulean accents. Hang cerulean artwork on the walls or display cerulean vases or decorative objects on a console table. These small touches will tie the whole look together and create a cohesive and design-forward space.

Incorporating cerulean into your entryway is a great way to add a pop of color and create an inviting and stylish space. Whether you choose to paint the walls or use cerulean accents and furniture, this versatile shade of blue will surely make a statement. Just remember to have fun with your design choices and create a space that reflects your personality and style.

2 How to use cerulean in a bedroom

If you’re wondering how to incorporate the vibrant color of cerulean into your bedroom decor, there are many ways to do so.

One option is to use cerulean as an accent color. Pair it with neutral shades like white, gray, or cream for a balanced and calming effect. Consider painting one wall in your bedroom cerulean to create a focal point.

Another option is to incorporate cerulean through accessories. Choose cerulean curtains, bedding, or rugs to add pops of color to your space. You can also select cerulean artwork or decorative pillows to create a cohesive look.

If you want a bolder look, you can use cerulean as the main color in your bedroom. Paint all the walls in cerulean and select furniture and decor in complementary shades. This creates a vibrant and cohesive design scheme.

When it comes to the specific shade of cerulean, there are various options to choose from. Seraphina, Inbox, and French Blues are all popular choices. It’s important to consider the overall look and feel you want for your bedroom and select a shade that complements your desired aesthetic.

If you’re unsure about using cerulean, you can start with small accents and gradually incorporate more of the color. Experiment with different combinations and see what works best for your space and personal style.

Designers like Charlotte and Tash Mizzurati agree that cerulean can work well in bedrooms. “It’s a bright and energetic color that can instantly uplift a room,” says Charlotte. Tash adds, “Cerulean is a perfect choice for bedrooms as it brings a sense of calm and serenity without being overpowering.”

When using cerulean in your bedroom, it’s important to consider the lighting conditions. Cerulean tends to look brighter in natural light, so be mindful of this when selecting furniture and decor. Additionally, consider how the color will work with other colors in the room, such as the flooring and ceiling.

Ultimately, whether you choose to incorporate cerulean into your bedroom decor or not, the key is to create a space that reflects your personal style and preferences. Experiment with different colors and designs to find what makes you feel most at home.

3 How to use cerulean in the hall

3 How to use cerulean in the hall

If you want to create a welcoming and stylish look in your hall, consider incorporating the vibrant color of cerulean. This shade of blue is a popular choice among designers and can add a fresh and modern touch to any space.

Here are some ideas on how to use cerulean in your hall:

  1. Create privacy: Use cerulean curtains or blinds to provide privacy while still allowing natural light to enter your hall. This will create a peaceful and inviting atmosphere.
  2. Combine with other colors: Cerulean can be paired with neutral tones like white or beige to create a balanced and harmonious look. You can also experiment with contrasting colors like orange or yellow for a more vibrant and energetic feel.
  3. Add artwork: Hang paintings or photographs that feature cerulean tones on your hall walls. This will not only add visual interest, but also create a cohesive and stylish look.
  4. Use cerulean in furniture: Incorporate cerulean-colored furniture pieces like a bench or console table to add a pop of color and create a focal point in your hall. This will make the space feel more dynamic and inviting.
  5. Accessorize with cerulean: Add cerulean-colored accessories like rugs, cushions, or vases to tie the look of your hall together. These small accents can make a big difference and add a touch of sophistication to the space.

Remember, when using cerulean in your hall, it’s important to consider the lighting conditions. Cerulean is a light and bright color that works best in spaces with ample natural light. If your hall lacks natural light, consider adding artificial lighting to enhance the cerulean elements.

By incorporating cerulean into your hall design, you can create a fresh and inviting space that will impress your guests. So go ahead and embrace the latest trends in interior design with this vibrant and trendy color!

4 How to use cerulean in kitchen

4 How to use cerulean in kitchen

Cerulean is a vibrant shade of blue that can bring a fresh and lively look to any kitchen. Here are four ways to incorporate cerulean into your kitchen design:

  1. Paint the walls: One of the easiest ways to introduce cerulean into your kitchen is by painting the walls. Consider using a light shade of cerulean to make the space feel brighter and more open. This color will work well with both white and light-colored cabinets, creating a modern and inviting atmosphere.
  2. Add cerulean accents: If you don’t want to commit to painting the entire kitchen in cerulean, you can still incorporate this color by adding small accents. For example, you can use cerulean-colored tiles for the backsplash or choose cerulean kitchen accessories such as utensils, pots, or small appliances.
  3. Create a cerulean-themed dining area: To create a cohesive look, consider setting up a cerulean-themed dining area in your kitchen. Use a cerulean tablecloth, cerulean-colored plates, and other matching accessories to tie the whole look together.
  4. Combine cerulean with other colors: Cerulean pairs well with many other colors, so don’t be afraid to experiment. For a classic and timeless look, combine cerulean with white or gray. For a more vibrant feel, try pairing cerulean with yellow or lime green.

Remember, when using cerulean in your kitchen, it’s important to consider the lighting conditions. Cerulean tends to work best in well-lit spaces, as it can make a room feel brighter and more energetic. If your kitchen doesn’t have a lot of natural light, consider adding additional lighting fixtures to enhance the effect of the cerulean color.

Overall, using cerulean in your kitchen design can be a great way to stay on-trend and add a pop of color to your space. Whether you choose to go all-in with cerulean walls or simply add a few cerulean accents, you can’t go wrong with this vibrant shade of blue.


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