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Time to Get a Head Start on Fall Cleaning – 6 Essential Tasks to Tackle Today

When to start fall cleaning – 6 jobs you should be doing right now

As the summer months come to an end and the weather starts changing, it’s a great time to start thinking about fall cleaning. Many people keep closets for storing things, but while organizing your closet, you might notice that it has become damp and musty over the humid summer months. This is especially true for closets that are not well ventilated. By cleaning your closet early in the fall season, you can freshen it up and make it easier to store your clothes for the colder months ahead.

Another important task to tackle in the fall is chimney cleaning. preparing your fireplace for the colder weather is essential for both safety and comfort. A dirty chimney can cause adverse effects, such as chimney fires and unpleasant odors in your home. By regularly submitting your chimney to a thorough cleaning, you can ensure that your family will be warm and cozy during the upcoming holidays.

In terms of organizing your home, cleaning your furniture is another job you should be doing right now. Dust and dirt can easily accumulate on furniture during the summer months, especially if you have had guests over or if you have an outdoor area that requires regular wiping. A deep cleaning will not only make your furniture look fresh but also help extend its lifespan.

Windows are another thing that should be cleaned in the fall. Although it may seem counterintuitive to clean windows during the colder months, it is actually a great time to get them sparkling clean. The weather is not too hot or too cold, and using a good window cleaner will easily get rid of summer grime and make your home feel lighter and more welcoming.

Finally, Fall is a great time to clean and organize your kitchen. After months of outdoor grilling and dining, your kitchen might need some attention. Cleaning your appliances, decluttering your cabinets, and freshening up your pantry will make cooking and baking during the colder months much more enjoyable. Plus, it’s a great way to make space for the upcoming holiday season.

In conclusion, Fall is the perfect time to start your fall cleaning routine. By tackling jobs such as organizing closets, cleaning chimneys, freshening up furniture, cleaning windows, and organizing the kitchen, you will have a fresh and cozy home for the upcoming colder months. So, don’t wait any longer, start your fall cleaning now and enjoy the comfort of a clean and organized home.

When to start fall cleaning

As the weather starts to cool down and the leaves begin to change colors, it’s time to start thinking about fall cleaning. While many people associate cleaning with the spring season, fall is actually a great time to give your home a thorough cleaning and prepare it for the colder months ahead.

One of the first things you should do is clean out your closets. Fall is the perfect time to swap out your summer clothes for your warmer fall attire. Take this opportunity to organize your closet and get rid of anything you no longer need. A cleaner and more organized closet will make it easier to find and store your clothing during the fall season.

Next, it’s important to direct your cleaning efforts towards the outdoors. Fall is a beautiful season, but it can also be adverse to your home’s exterior. Cleaning your windows, wiping down your furniture, and freshening up your gardens will help keep your outdoor spaces looking their best. This will also make it easier to maintain your outdoor areas during the colder months when it’s less enjoyable to be outside.

During the fall season, many people start using their fireplaces to keep warm. Before you start using your fireplace, it’s essential to give it a thorough cleaning. Removing any soot or debris will not only make your fireplace look better but will also help prevent any potential fire hazards. Sara, a professional cleaner, says, “Cleaning your fireplace early in the fall will ensure that it’s safe and ready to use when the colder weather arrives.”

In addition to cleaning, fall is also a time to prepare for the upcoming holidays and family gatherings. It’s a good idea to deep clean your house before guests arrive, ensuring that everything is fresh and tidy. Maria, an expert organizer, suggests, “Fall cleaning can help make your home cozier and more inviting during the holiday season.”

While fall cleaning might not be as well-known as spring cleaning, it’s just as important. Jennifer, a regular cleaner, advises, “Don’t wait until spring to tackle your cleaning tasks. By doing a thorough cleaning in the fall, you’ll start the new season with a clean and organized home.”

In conclusion, fall is the perfect time to start your fall cleaning routine. From cleaning out your closets to freshening up your outdoor spaces, there are many tasks you can tackle to get your home ready for the colder months. So don’t wait any longer, start your fall cleaning now and enjoy a cleaner and more comfortable living space.

What is fall cleaning

Fall cleaning is a great way to prepare your home for the colder months and the holiday season. It involves more thorough cleaning and organizing tasks that may be overlooked during regular cleaning routines.

During fall cleaning, it’s a good idea to start by tackling certain areas of your home that may have been forgotten over the summer months. This includes tasks such as cleaning out closets, organizing the kitchen, and wiping down windows. Maria, a professional cleaner, suggests that “fall is the perfect time to swap out your summer and winter clothes and organize your closet to make it easier to find what you need during the colder season.”

One important task during fall cleaning is to check and clean your chimney. “Fireplaces are likely to be used more often during the fall and winter months, especially when you have guests over or when the weather gets cold,” says Jennifer, an interior design expert. “Keeping your chimney clean will not only help prevent any potential fire hazards, but also improve the air quality inside your home.”

Another area that tends to get neglected during regular cleaning is the outdoor space. Sara, an inspirational home organizer, advises, “Don’t forget to clean and organize your gardens and outdoor furniture before submitting to the changing weather. This will help extend the lifespan of your outdoor items and make it easier to prepare your outdoor space when spring comes.”

When it comes to fall cleaning, it’s not just about making your home look cleaner and more organized. It’s also about creating a comfortable and cozy atmosphere for the colder months ahead. “Cleaning your comforters and bedding is a must,” says Maria. “Fall is the perfect time to swap out lightweight summer bedding with warmer options. Don’t forget to wash and dry them properly before storing them away.”

Lastly, fall cleaning can also involve getting rid of any odors that may have built up during the summer months. “Damp and humid conditions can cause unpleasant smells in your home,” says Jennifer. “Using a good cleaner and odor eliminator will help get rid of any lingering odors and keep your home smelling fresh.”

Overall, fall cleaning is an essential part of maintaining a clean and comfortable living space. It helps prepare your home for the colder months, creates a welcoming environment for guests during the holiday season, and ensures that your home remains clean and organized throughout the year.

How to start fall cleaning

How to start fall cleaning

Fall is the perfect time to freshen up your home and get it ready for the colder months ahead. Here are some tips on how to start fall cleaning:

1. Start with a thorough cleaning

Before you start organizing and decluttering, it’s important to give your home a good, deep cleaning. Dust and wipe down all surfaces, vacuum and mop the floors, and clean the windows. This will make it easier to maintain a clean and fresh home during the fall and winter months.

2. Declutter and organize

Go through your closets, drawers, and furniture to declutter and get rid of any items you no longer need or use. Consider donating or selling these items to free up space in your home. Use storage solutions like baskets and bins to help keep everything organized and easily accessible.

3. Freshen up your outdoor spaces

Don’t forget about your outdoor areas! Clean your patio furniture, sweep away any leaves or debris, and prepare your gardens for the colder weather. This will make it more enjoyable to spend time outside during the fall season.

4. Swap out summer items with fall ones

Pack away your summer clothes, shoes, and bedding and replace them with warmer and cozier items. Swap out lightweight comforters for thicker ones, and bring out your fall and winter wardrobe. This will not only make your home feel more seasonal, but also help you stay comfortable as the weather gets colder.

5. Address any odors

The changing weather and closed windows can sometimes lead to odors in your home. Use air fresheners or scented candles to keep your home smelling fresh. You could also try using odor-eliminating products or opening windows on warmer days to let in some fresh air.

6. Prepare for guests and the holidays

If you will be hosting guests or celebrating holidays in your home during the fall, it’s a good idea to get your home ready in advance. Clean guest rooms, dust off any forgotten areas, and make sure your kitchen and bathrooms are guest-ready. This will ensure that your home is clean and welcoming for any visitors.

By following these tips, you can start your fall cleaning off on the right foot and enjoy a cleaner, fresher home during the colder months. Happy cleaning!

1. Freshen up your carpets and rugs

As the leaves change and the weather starts to get colder, it’s a great time to freshen up your carpets and rugs. Over the summer months, people may have been walking in and out of your home with their outdoor shoes, causing dirt and odors to accumulate in your carpets and rugs.

To keep your carpets and rugs looking their best, it’s important to regularly clean them. Although regular vacuuming can help remove dirt and debris, a thorough cleaning is necessary to get rid of any trapped odors or stains.

One of the best ways to freshen up your carpets and rugs is by using a carpet cleaner. These machines work by spraying a cleaning solution onto the carpet and then using brushes or suction to remove the dirt and debris. Some carpet cleaners even have a built-in heater, which can help remove tough stains.

If you don’t have a carpet cleaner, there are other ways to freshen up your carpets and rugs. One option is to sprinkle baking soda on the carpet and let it sit for a few hours before vacuuming it up. Baking soda is great at absorbing odors and can leave your carpets smelling fresh.

Another option is to use a damp cloth and a mild detergent to spot clean any stains. Be sure to test the detergent on a small, inconspicuous area of the carpet before applying it to the whole carpet.

While you’re freshening up your carpets and rugs, it’s also a good time to swap out any heavy comforters or pillows for lighter ones, preparing your home for the changing seasons.

2 Deep clean your sofa

One of the most inspirational things about fall is the changing season and the leaves falling. However, along with the changing season comes colder nights and the need to freshen up your home. As the weather gets colder, we tend to spend more time indoors, making it even more important to keep our homes clean and cozy.

A clean sofa is essential for a fresh and inviting living space. Jennifer, a home cleaning expert, says that regular cleaning is not enough to keep your sofa looking its best. She suggests deep cleaning it at least once a year, preferably during fall season.

To start, remove all the cushions and vacuum the sofa, including the cushions themselves, to remove any loose dirt and debris. Next, you can use a fabric cleaner or make your own by mixing a solution of water and mild soap. Maria, another cleaning expert, recommends spot testing the cleaner on a small, inconspicuous area of the sofa first to ensure it doesn’t have any adverse effects on the fabric.

Once the cleaner is ready, grab a soft-bristle brush and gently scrub the sofa in a circular motion. Pay special attention to any stains or spills. After scrubbing, wipe the sofa clean with a damp cloth to remove any soap residue. Finally, let the sofa air dry overnight.

In terms of maintaining a fresh and clean sofa, there are a few additional tips to keep in mind. Sara, an organizing specialist, suggests having a no-shoe rule in the house to prevent dirt and outdoor odors from getting onto the sofa. You can also freshen up your sofa by swapping out decorative pillows and throws with ones that reflect the colors and trends of the fall season.

Remember, a clean and fresh sofa not only makes your house more inviting for guests and family, but it also helps to keep your home cozy during the colder months. So, don’t forget to deep clean your sofa early in the fall season to start the season off on the right foot!

3 Have a closet clean out

As the weather starts to cool down, it’s a great time to clean out your closets and get organized for the upcoming season. Cleaning out your closet can help you make the most of your space and ensure that you have easy access to the clothes you need.

Jennifer, a professional organizer, says that cleaning out your closet in the early fall is one of the best ways to transition your wardrobe from summer to fall. “You can remove the summer clothes you won’t be wearing anymore and make room for your fall and winter wardrobe,” she says. “It’s also a good opportunity to evaluate your clothing and get rid of anything you no longer wear or that doesn’t fit properly.”

Here are some tips for a thorough closet clean out:

  1. Take everything out: Start by taking everything out of your closet. This will give you a blank slate to work with and make it easier to organize your clothes.
  2. Sort and declutter: Go through each item and decide whether to keep, donate, or toss it. Be honest with yourself and only keep the items that you truly love and wear regularly. Consider donating clothes that are still in good condition but no longer serve you.
  3. Clean and freshen up: While your closet is empty, take the opportunity to give it a good cleaning. Wipe down the shelves and surfaces, vacuum the floor, and consider using a fabric refresher to eliminate any odors.

Once your closet is organized and clean, think about how you can optimize the space. Consider using closet organizers or storage bins to keep things tidy and make it easier to find what you need. Additionally, if you have any out-of-season clothes that you won’t be needing for a while, consider storing them in a separate area or using vacuum-sealed bags to save space.

Having a clean and organized closet will not only make it easier to find your clothes each morning, but it will also make your mornings feel less rushed. Plus, as the weather gets colder, you’ll be happy to have your cozy sweaters and jackets easily accessible.

So, take some time this fall to give your closet a thorough clean out. You’ll be glad you did!

4 Don’t forget your home’s exterior

While many people focus on cleaning the inside of their homes during the fall season, it’s important not to forget about the exterior as well. The changing seasons bring colder nights and damp weather, which can make the outside of your home dirty and uninviting. By giving your home’s exterior some attention, you can make it cleaner and more welcoming for both you and your guests.

1. Clean your gutters and downspouts

During the summer months, leaves and other debris can accumulate in your gutters and downspouts, causing them to become clogged. This can lead to water damage and potential issues with your home’s foundation. By cleaning them out early in the fall season, you can prevent these problems from occurring and keep your gutters functioning properly.

2. Freshen up your outdoor spaces

As the weather gets colder, you may not spend as much time in your outdoor spaces. However, it’s still a good idea to freshen them up and make them more inviting. Sweep away fallen leaves and debris, clean any outdoor furniture or cushions, and organize any outdoor toys or equipment. This will make it easier to enjoy your outdoor spaces when the weather gets warmer again in the spring.

3. Check and clean your chimney

If you have a fireplace or wood-burning stove, it’s important to have your chimney inspected and cleaned regularly. Over time, creosote and other debris can build up in the chimney, increasing the risk of a chimney fire. By scheduling a chimney cleaning during the fall season, you can ensure that it’s safe to use when the colder months arrive.

4. Take care of your gardens and landscaping

Although many plants and flowers may not be blooming during the fall season, it’s still important to take care of your gardens and landscaping. Remove any dead leaves or plants, trim back any overgrown branches, and mulch your flower beds to protect them from the colder weather. This will help your gardens to stay healthy and ready for the spring season.

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5 Sweep your chimney for a thorough clean

As the weather gets colder, it’s time to start preparing your home for the fall season. One of the best things you can do to keep your family and guests comfortable during the colder months is to sweep your chimney for a thorough clean.

Chimneys can accumulate a lot of debris, including leaves, twigs, and other outdoor elements that may have made their way in during the spring and summer seasons. These can create odors and even pose a fire hazard if not properly taken care of.

Maria, a chimney sweep expert, says that regular chimney sweeping is important, especially after months of use during the colder seasons. “It’s essential to clean your chimney for a fresh and efficient burn,” she says. “Regular sweeping can help remove any build-up that can make your chimney less effective.”

To sweep your chimney, it’s best to hire a professional chimney sweep who can do the job well. They will use specialized tools and techniques to remove any soot, creosote, or other debris that may have accumulated. They can also inspect your chimney for any potential issues and make recommendations for repairs, if necessary.

Jennifer, a homeowner, shares her experience with chimney sweeping. “I always make sure to schedule a chimney sweep before the fall season starts,” she says. “It not only helps keep my home clean and fresh, but it also gives me peace of mind knowing that everything is in good condition.”

In addition to hiring a professional, you can also do some chimney cleaning yourself using a chimney brush. This can help remove any loose debris or soot that may be present. However, it’s important to note that this method may not be as thorough as a professional cleaning and may be more suitable for a quick freshen up.

Whether you hire a professional or do it yourself, chimney sweeping is an important task that should not be forgotten. It can help keep your home safe, prevent any adverse effects from a clogged or dirty chimney, and ensure that you and your family can enjoy the comfort of a warm fire without any worries.

6 Swap out your summer items

In terms of fall cleaning, swapping out your summer items is a great way to freshen up your house and get ready for the colder season. Jennifer, a professional cleaner, recommends starting this process early to make sure your home feels clean and cozy during the autumn months.

Here are 6 items you should consider swapping out:

  1. Clothing: Pack away your summer clothes and bring out your warmer sweaters, jackets, and comforters. Don’t forget to clean everything before storing to keep your items fresh for the next season.
  2. Shoes: Change out your sandals and flip-flops for boots and closed-toe shoes. Give your summer shoes a good wipe down or even a proper cleaning if needed.
  3. Window treatments: Swap out your light and airy curtains or blinds for heavier drapes or shades. This not only helps keep the cold air out but also gives your home a cozier feel.
  4. Furniture: Rearrange or switch out your furniture to create a new look and feel for the fall season. This can also help with organizing and making the best use of your space.
  5. Gardens: Remove any dead leaves or summer flowers from your gardens. Consider planting fall flowers or adding seasonal decorations to your outdoor spaces.
  6. Home decor: Change up your home decor to reflect the autumn season. Add warm colors, candles, and textures to create a more inviting atmosphere for family and guests.

Swapping out these summer items will not only help you stay organized but also make your home feel fresh and ready for the fall season. Sara, a regular homeowner, says, “I always feel like my home is more welcoming after a thorough clean and swap out of seasonal items. It’s a great way to prepare for the holidays and keep our home cozy during the colder nights.”

Remember to use this time to declutter as well. Donate or discard any items you no longer need or use. This will not only free up space but also create a cleaner and more organized living environment.

Why fall cleaning is important

Fall is the perfect time to start deep cleaning your house and preparing for the colder months ahead. Although spring is often associated with cleaning, fall cleaning is just as important. Here are some reasons why:

1. Prepare for the colder weather

Colder weather means spending more time indoors, so it’s essential to have a clean and comfortable home. By starting your fall cleaning early, you can freshen up your living spaces and make them cozier for the upcoming nights. Sara, a cleaning expert, says, “Clean and organized spaces bring more comfort and make you feel better, especially during the colder months.”

2. Get a head start on the holidays

Fall is the season of holidays, and cleaning beforehand will make hosting guests much easier. By deep cleaning your house, wiping down furniture, and organizing closets, you’ll be well-prepared for family gatherings and celebrations. Jennifer, an organization specialist, advises, “Take the opportunity to declutter and tidy up, so you have more space for holiday decorations.”

3. Keep your home fresh and odor-free

3. Keep your home fresh and odor-free

With damp weather and closed windows, fall can bring more odors into your home. By cleaning kitchen surfaces, keeping closets fresh, and airing out your living spaces, you can prevent unpleasant smells and make your home more inviting. Using fresheners and odor absorbers, like scented candles and air purifiers, is also recommended.

4. Don’t forget about the often-forgotten areas

During the summer months, certain areas of the house may get neglected. Fall cleaning gives you the chance to pay attention to these forgotten areas. Cleaning chimneys, washing comforters, and organizing outdoor spaces are some tasks that are often overlooked but are important for a thorough clean. Maria, a professional cleaner, explains, “Don’t let the changing seasons prevent you from keeping your house spotless.”

5. Make your home more inspiring

Fall is a great time to make your home feel fresh and renewed. By rearranging furniture, adding seasonal decorations, or updating the color scheme, you can create an inspirational space that reflects the changing seasons. Sara suggests, “Adding warm colors, cozy blankets, and fall-themed accents can instantly make your home feel more inviting.”

6. Take advantage of the better weather

Before the weather gets too cold, take advantage of the milder fall weather to clean outdoor areas. Clearing out gardens, raking leaves, and cleaning windows will not only make your house look better but also help prevent adverse effects during the colder months. Sara advises, “Cleaning your outdoor spaces now will save you time and effort in the coming seasons.”

In summary, fall cleaning is essential for preparing your home for the colder months, making it more comfortable and welcoming for both family and guests. By starting early and being thorough in your cleaning tasks, you can ensure a clean and fresh living environment throughout the fall season.

Is fall cleaning a thing?

Fall cleaning may not be as popular as spring cleaning, but it is definitely a thing! As the weather gets colder and the seasons change, it’s a great time to give your house a fresh start and prepare for the holidays.

Sara, a professional house cleaner, says that fall cleaning is all about getting your house ready for the colder months. “During the summer, people often focus more on outdoor jobs like cleaning gardens and windows. But as the weather gets colder, it’s important to bring that same level of cleanliness indoors.”

In terms of specific cleaning tasks, Sara recommends focusing on a few key areas:

Closets and storage spaces

Start by organizing your closets and getting rid of any clothes or items you no longer need. This will make it easier to find things during the colder months and will free up space for bulky winter coats and comforters.

Kitchen and appliances

Give your kitchen a deep clean, wiping down all surfaces and appliances. Pay special attention to the fridge and freezer, as odors can build up over the summer months. Using a damp cloth, clean the inside and outside of the appliances, and don’t forget to toss out any expired food.

Furniture and upholstery

Cleaning your furniture is a great way to freshen up your home and make it feel cozy for the colder season. Vacuum and spot clean any stains, and consider using a fabric refresher to remove any lingering odors.

Fireplaces and chimneys

If you have a fireplace, now is a good time to clean it out and get it ready for use. Make sure to remove any ash and debris, and consider hiring a professional to inspect and clean your chimney to prevent any potential fire hazards.

Windows and outdoor areas

Although it may be cold outside, it’s still important to keep your windows clean for the best possible view. Wipe down the glass on both the inside and outside, and use a window cleaner for best results. Don’t forget to clean any outdoor furniture and sweep up any leaves or debris in your yard.

While fall cleaning may not be as well-known or trendy as spring cleaning, it can be a very rewarding and beneficial process. By preparing your home for the colder months, you’ll not only create a cleaner and more organized living space, but you’ll also welcome guests with a fresh and inspirational environment during the holidays. So don’t forget to add fall cleaning to your to-do list and enjoy the comfort of a clean and cozy home!


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