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Top Choices of Dining Chairs for Comfort and Style Recommended by Interior Designers

What kind of dining chairs are best Interior designers' choices for comfort and style

When it comes to choosing dining chairs, comfort and style should always be at the top of your list. Whether you’re hosting a dinner party or simply enjoying a meal with your family, the right dining chairs can make all the difference in creating a welcoming and stylish space. Interior designers are experts in finding the best pieces to suit any season and setting, and their choices for dining chairs are no exception.

One of the most popular choices of dining chairs for interior designers are armchairs. These chairs not only provide a comfortable place to sit, but they also add a touch of elegance and sophistication to any dining room. The right height and width of armchairs can be a great addition to your dining table and can make your guests feel welcome and well-cared for. With their padded seats and upholstered backs, armchairs provide maximum comfort and support.

However, armchairs are not the only option. Interior designers also love to use wooden dining chairs for their practicality and versatility. Wooden chairs can be easily incorporated into any dining room design and can bring a touch of warmth and character to the space. They are also easy to clean and maintain, making them a great choice for families with children. Whether you choose a traditional or modern design, wooden dining chairs will always be a timeless and stylish choice.

For smaller spaces or open plan kitchen-dining areas, interior designers often recommend using benches or banquette seating. These seating options not only help to save space but also create a more casual and relaxed atmosphere. With plenty of seating space and upholstery options, benches and banquette seating are a practical and comfortable choice. Additionally, they can easily be moved around to accommodate different seating arrangements or to open up the space when needed.

When choosing dining chairs, it’s important to think about the impact they will have on the overall look and feel of the room. Interior designers advise considering the fabric used for upholstery, as it can greatly contribute to the style and comfort of the chairs. Whether you prefer classic fabrics or more modern designs, there’s always a wide range of options to choose from. So, take the advice of interior design experts like Jones Huber, the director of a successful New York design firm, and find the perfect dining chairs that not only look great but also make you and your guests feel comfortable.

In conclusion, interior designers have a wealth of knowledge and experience when it comes to choosing the best dining chairs for comfort and style. Whether you go for armchairs, wooden chairs, benches, or banquette seating, there’s always a wide range of options to suit your needs and preferences. So, take their advice and create the perfect dining room that will make your guests feel welcome and your family feel at home.

What kind of dining chairs are best

When it comes to choosing dining chairs, interior designers have some great ideas for comfort and style. They look for chairs that are versatile, comfortable and make an impact in the dining room.

Leather chairs:

Leather chairs:

Leather chairs are a popular choice among designers. They not only look great, but they’re also comfortable and durable. With their open and airy design, leather chairs can fit into a wide variety of interior settings, from small spaces to large dining rooms.


Armchairs offer a little extra comfort with their upholstered arms and back. They can bring a bold and stylish look to the dining room, and they’re great for those looking for a more formal and elegant feel.

Upholstered chairs:

For those who prefer a softer feel, upholstered dining chairs are the way to go. They come in a wide range of designs and fabrics, including stain-resistant options. Upholstered chairs can help create a cozy and inviting atmosphere in the dining room.


For a more casual and flexible seating option, benches are a great choice. They can easily accommodate more people and can be pushed under the dining table when not in use, saving space. Benches also add a touch of modern style to the dining room.

Dining chair height:

Another important consideration when choosing dining chairs is the height. Opt for chairs that are the right height for the table, allowing enough space for comfortable seating and legroom.

Director’s chairs:

If you’re looking for a unique and stylish option, director’s chairs can add a touch of Hollywood glam to your dining room. With their foldable design and canvas seats, they’re not only comfortable but also easy to store when not in use.

Whether you’re a designer or a homeowner, these tips and ideas can help you choose the best dining chairs for your space. From versatile leather chairs to comfortable and stylish upholstered options, there’s a wide range of choices to suit any style and need.

To upholster or not to upholster

When it comes to choosing dining chairs, one of the key decisions is whether to upholster them or not. Upholstered chairs can add both style and comfort to a dining space, but there are also some practical considerations to take into account.

Pros of upholstered chairs:

  • Comfort: Upholstered chairs generally offer a softer and more comfortable seating experience compared to wooden chairs. The added cushioning can make a big difference, especially during long meals or social gatherings.
  • Style: Upholstered chairs can bring a sense of luxury and elegance to a dining room. They can be upholstered in various fabrics and designs, allowing for endless options to match and enhance the overall decor.

Cons of upholstered chairs:

  • Practicality: Upholstered chairs require more maintenance compared to wooden chairs. Fabrics can attract stains and spills, and they may need to be cleaned or replaced more frequently.
  • Space: Upholstered chairs tend to take up more space than wooden chairs, especially if they have arms. This can be a disadvantage in smaller dining rooms or when trying to fit more seating around a table.

When deciding whether to choose upholstered chairs or not, it is important to consider the specific needs and style of the space.

Advice from interior designers:

Advice from interior designers:

According to Diana Temprell, the design director at Better Homes and Gardens, upholstered chairs can be a great choice for formal dining rooms or larger spaces. She suggests opting for bold fabrics and patterns to create a statement and add a touch of personality.

On the other hand, Jane Huber, the design manager at Seasons Furniture, recommends wooden chairs for more casual dining settings. She says that wooden chairs are easier to clean and maintain, and they provide a timeless and traditional look.

In the end, the choice between upholstered or non-upholstered chairs comes down to personal preference and the specific needs of the space. Both options have their pros and cons, so it is important to consider factors such as comfort, style, practicality, and the overall design goals.

It’s worth noting that there are also versatile seating options available, such as open armchairs, small benches, or even mix and match chairs and benches. These can create a more eclectic and unique look, while still providing the necessary seating comfort.

Ultimately, the best dining chairs for comfort and style will depend on the individual’s taste and the specific requirements of the dining space.

Are dining chairs with arms better

When it comes to choosing dining chairs, there are a plethora of options to consider. One such option is whether to go for dining chairs with arms or without arms. This decision ultimately depends on your personal style and the specific needs of your dining space.

Style and Versatility

Dining chairs with arms can add a bold and elegant touch to the overall style of your dining area. They can bring a sense of grandeur and sophistication, fitting perfectly into more formal settings. These chairs are also versatile and can be used in various other spaces aside from the dining room, such as the living room or home office.

Comfort and Warmth

One of the main advantages of dining chairs with arms is the added comfort they provide. The arms offer extra support and can make seating for extended periods more comfortable. Additionally, chairs with arms create a sense of warmth and coziness, making your dining area feel more inviting and welcoming.

Practicality and Functionality

Practicality and Functionality

Chairs with arms can be especially practical if you have children or elderly family members. The arms provide a sense of stability and can help prevent accidents and falls. They can also make it easier for older individuals to sit and stand from the chair.

Choosing Fabrics and Materials

When choosing dining chairs with arms, you have plenty of options in terms of fabrics and materials. You could opt for upholstered chairs for a more comfortable seating experience, or choose leather for a luxurious and sophisticated look. Again, it all depends on your personal style and the overall aesthetic you’re going for.

Alternative Seating Options

If you are looking for something different or want to mix and match seating options, dining chairs without arms can be a great choice. They offer a more open and airy look and can be easier to maneuver in smaller spaces. Alternatively, you could consider using benches, which can provide a more relaxed and informal seating arrangement.

Final Thoughts

There is no right or wrong answer when it comes to choosing between dining chairs with arms or without arms. It ultimately depends on your personal preferences, the style of your dining area, and your specific needs. Consulting with an interior designer can be helpful in making the best decision for your space.

According to New York-based interior designer and director of Temprell, Danielle Armstrong, dining chairs with arms have a significant impact on the overall look and feel of a dining room. She suggests considering stain-resistant fabrics if you have children or frequently host guests, as spills and messes are more likely to occur. Overall, the choice between dining chairs with arms or without arms comes down to your personal style, the functionality you require, and the overall aesthetic you want to create in your dining space.

Take care with fabric choice

When it comes to choosing dining chairs for your home, the fabric you select can have a big impact on the overall look and feel of the space. Interior designers always take into account the settings, style, and needs of their clients when recommending furniture options.

For kitchen or dining room settings, fabric dining chairs are often preferred over wooden ones for their comfort and versatility. They provide a softer seating option than wooden chairs or benches, and they can be easily upholstered to match the style of the room.

According to Rachel Temprell, the director of a renowned interior design firm, fabric dining chairs are a great choice for creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. “There’s nothing like the warmth and comfort that fabric brings to a dining area,” she says. “When guests sit in chairs with upholstered seats and backs, they feel more relaxed and welcomed.”

One important consideration when choosing fabric dining chairs is their stain-resistant properties. With children and the potential for spills, it’s important to select fabrics that are easy to clean and maintain. Rachel advises her clients to look for stain-resistant fabrics or those treated with a protective coating.

On the pros side, fabric dining chairs offer a wide variety of styles and designs to choose from. You can find everything from traditional, upholstered armchairs to more contemporary and bold fabric choices. Fabric dining chairs also tend to be more comfortable, especially when they have padded seats and backs.

On the cons side, fabrics can be more prone to staining and may require more upkeep than wooden or plastic chairs. However, selecting the right fabric and taking proper care can help minimize these concerns.

Rachel suggests considering the overall style and design of the dining area when selecting fabric dining chairs. “If you have an open plan space with a kitchen and dining area, selecting chairs that complement the other elements in the room, like the color scheme or material of the countertops, can create a cohesive and visually appealing look,” she says.

If you’re unsure about what fabric dining chairs would be best for your dining area, Rachel offers some advice. “Think about the kind of seating you need and the level of comfort you want to bring into the space. Consider whether you want chairs with arms or without, and whether a banquette or bench seating might be a better fit for your dining area,” she suggests.

In summary, fabric dining chairs can be a great choice for both style and comfort in your dining area. They offer a wide range of styles and designs, and with the right upholstery and fabric choice, they can bring warmth and elegance to any space.

Think about back height

When it comes to choosing dining chairs, one important factor to consider is the back height. The height of the backrest can greatly impact the overall comfort and style of the chairs. Interior designers often take this into account when selecting chairs for their clients.

A higher backrest can provide more support and create a sense of elegance and formality in the dining room. It can also make the chairs more comfortable, especially during longer meals or gatherings. Many traditional and classic dining chairs have tall and upholstered backs that bring a touch of warmth and sophistication to the room.

On the other hand, lower backrests can lend a more modern and casual look to the dining area. They can be a great option for smaller spaces or kitchen settings where a more relaxed and informal atmosphere is desired. Chairs with lower backs also tend to be more versatile and can easily be mixed and matched with different table styles.

Anne Huber, a director at the New York design firm Temprell, suggests looking at the overall style of the space when deciding on the back height of dining chairs. She advises taking into consideration the existing furniture and the overall aesthetic of the room. If there are already some traditional wooden chairs in the room, for example, it might be better to choose dining chairs with a similar back height to maintain cohesion.

There’s also the option of choosing dining chairs with no backrest at all. Director of Interior Design at a top design firm, John Banquette, says that open-back chairs can give a sense of spaciousness and airiness to the dining area. They can be a great choice for small spaces or rooms with a more minimalist and contemporary design.

When it comes to upholstery, there are pros and cons to consider as well. Upholstered chairs can add comfort and warmth, especially during the colder seasons. They also have the advantage of offering a wide variety of fabrics and colors to choose from, allowing for more customization. However, upholstered chairs may require more maintenance and are more prone to stains and wear over time. If practicality is a concern, it might be better to choose chairs with stain-resistant fabrics or opt for chairs with wooden or plastic seats.

In conclusion, the back height of dining chairs is an important factor to consider when selecting chairs for both comfort and style. Whether you choose high-back chairs for a traditional and elegant look or low-back chairs for a more casual and modern vibe, there are plenty of options available to suit your personal taste and the overall aesthetic of your dining area.

Consider bench seating for a relaxed feel

When it comes to choosing dining chairs, interior designers always have comfort and style in mind. One option they often suggest is bench seating. According to Anne Temprell, director and manager of a well-known design firm, benches can create a relaxed and inviting atmosphere in any dining room.

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of sinking into a soft seat. With bench seating, guests can find their perfect spot without worrying about whether their chair will be comfortable enough. “Bench seating allows for a more casual and laid-back dining experience,” says Temprell. “It creates a sense of togetherness and encourages conversation.”

One of the first things to think about when considering bench seating is how many seats you will need. Unlike traditional chairs, benches can accommodate multiple people at once. This can be especially helpful if you often have large dinner parties or gatherings.

There are pros and cons to bench seating, just like with any other furniture choice. On the plus side, benches are versatile and can work well in different settings. They can be easily moved around to accommodate different table sizes or even used in other rooms as extra seating. Wooden benches, in particular, add a touch of warmth and natural beauty to any space.

On the downside, benches may not provide as much back support as chairs, especially if they don’t have upholstered backs. However, there are plenty of options available that include back support, such as upholstered bench seats with cushioning. If comfort is your main concern, you can also look for bench seats with upholstered arms to provide additional support.

When it comes to choosing the right bench seating, there are many factors to consider. The style of the bench should complement the overall aesthetic of the dining room. There’s nothing wrong with mixing and matching styles, but you want to make sure that all the pieces come together harmoniously. Additionally, the fabric or upholstery you choose can make a big impact on the overall look and feel of the bench.

According to Christina Huber, a renowned interior designer, the key is to choose fabrics that are durable and easy to clean. “You want something that can handle spills and stains,” she suggests. “Look for fabrics that are stain-resistant and can be easily wiped clean.”

In conclusion, if you’re looking to create a relaxed and inviting dining experience, consider bench seating. They’re practical, versatile, and can add a touch of style to your dining room. Just make sure to find benches that offer the right balance of comfort and support for your guests. Whether you choose a traditional wooden bench or an upholstered option, benches are a great choice for any dining room.


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